Chapter 16.67 RCW



HTMLPDF 16.67.010Short title.
HTMLPDF 16.67.030Definitions.
HTMLPDF 16.67.035Legislative declarationFocus of the beef commissionRegulating beef and beef productsExisting comprehensive schemeLaws applicable.
HTMLPDF 16.67.040Beef commission createdGenerally.
HTMLPDF 16.67.051Designation of positionsTerms.
HTMLPDF 16.67.060Director to appoint membersRecommendations by industry.
HTMLPDF 16.67.070VacanciesCompensation and travel expenses.
HTMLPDF 16.67.080Commission records as evidence.
HTMLPDF 16.67.090Powers and dutiesRule making.
HTMLPDF 16.67.091Commission's plans, programs, and projectsDirector's approval required.
HTMLPDF 16.67.093Subpoenas.
HTMLPDF 16.67.095Commission speaks for stateDirector's oversight.
HTMLPDF 16.67.097Reimbursement for costs.
HTMLPDF 16.67.100MeetingsNotice.
HTMLPDF 16.67.110Promotional programs, research, rate studies, labeling.
HTMLPDF 16.67.120Levy of assessmentCollectionsFederal orders.
HTMLPDF 16.67.122Additional assessmentNational beef promotion and research programContingency.
HTMLPDF 16.67.123Transfer of cattle by meat packer as sale.
HTMLPDF 16.67.130Assessments personal debtDelinquent chargeCivil action to collect.
HTMLPDF 16.67.140Livestock purchasers to provide list of sellers to commission.
HTMLPDF 16.67.160Liability of commission's assetsImmunity of state, commission employees, etc.
HTMLPDF 16.67.180Certain records exempt from public disclosureExceptionsActions not prohibited by chapter.
HTMLPDF 16.67.190Funding staff supportRules.
HTMLPDF 16.67.195Costs of implementing RCW 16.67.091.
HTMLPDF 16.67.200BudgetReport to the legislature.
HTMLPDF 16.67.900Liberal construction1969 c 133.
HTMLPDF 16.67.920Effective date1969 c 133.