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The certified weight ticket shall be of a form approved by the director and shall contain the following information:
(1) The date of issuance;
(2) The kind of commodity weighed, measured, or counted;
(3) The name of the owner, agent, or consignee of the commodity weighed;
(4) The name of the seller, agent, or consignor;
(5) The accurate weight, measure, or count of the commodity weighed, measured, or counted; including the entry of the gross, tare, and/or net weight, where applicable;
(6) The identifying numerals or symbols, if any, of each container separately weighed and the license plate number of each vehicle separately weighed;
(7) The means by which the commodity was being transported at the time it was weighed, measured, or counted;
(8) The name of the city or town where such commodity was weighed;
(9) The complete signature of the weighmaster or weigher who weighed, measured, or counted the commodity; and
(10) Such other available information as may be necessary to distinguish or identify the commodity.
Such weight certificates when so made and properly certified or sealed shall be prima facie evidence of the accuracy of the weights, measures, or count shown, as a certified weight, measure, or count.
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