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Certification of weightsImpression sealFee.

(1) Certification of weights must be in accordance with subsection (2)(a) or (b) of this section.
(2)(a) The certification must appear in an appropriate and conspicuous place on each certificate and copies thereof. In addition the weight ticket must bear the name of the weighmaster, the full name of the weigher issuing the ticket, and a seal number assigned to the scale by the department. The seal number must be used only at the scale to which it is assigned.
THIS IS TO CERTIFY that the following described commodity was weighed, measured, or counted by a weighmaster, whose signature is on this certificate, who is a recognized authority of accuracy, as prescribed by chapter 15.80 RCW administered by the Washington state department of agriculture.
(b) Certification must be made by means of an impression seal, the impress of which shall be placed by the weighmaster or weigher making the weight determination upon the weights shown on the weight tickets. The impression seal may be procured from the director upon the payment of a fee of sixty dollars or the current cost of the seal to the department, whichever is less, and such fee shall accompany the applicant's application for a weighmaster's license. Any replacement seal needed may be procured from the director upon payment to the department of the current cost to the department for such replacement. An impression seal must be used only at the scale to which it is assigned, and remains the property of the state and shall be returned to the director upon the termination, suspension, or revocation of the weighmaster's license.
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