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Unlawful actsPenaltiesInjunctionsInvestigations.

It shall be a misdemeanor for:
(1) Any person wilfully to violate any provision of this chapter or any provision of any marketing order duly issued by the director pursuant to this chapter.
(2) Any person wilfully to render or furnish a false or fraudulent report, statement of record required by the director or any commission pursuant to the provisions of this chapter or any provision of any marketing order duly issued by the director pursuant to this chapter or wilfully to fail or refuse to furnish or render any such report, statement, or record so required.
In the event of violation or threatened violation of any provision of this chapter or of any marketing order duly issued or entered into pursuant to this chapter, the director, the affected commission, or any affected producer on joining the affected commission, shall be entitled to an injunction to prevent further violation and to a decree of specific performance of such order, and to a temporary restraining order and injunction pending litigation upon filing a verified complaint and sufficient bond.
All persons subject to any order shall severally from time to time, upon the request of the director, furnish him or her with such information as he or she finds to be necessary to enable him or her to effectuate the policies of this chapter and the purposes of such order or to ascertain and determine the extent to which such order has been carried out or has effectuated such policies and purposes, or to determine whether or not there has been any abuse of the privilege of exemptions from laws relating to trusts, monopolies, and restraints of trade. Such information shall be furnished in accordance with forms and reports to be prescribed by the director. For the purpose of ascertaining the correctness of any report made to the director pursuant to this section or for the purpose of obtaining the information required in any such report where it has been requested and has not been furnished, the director is authorized to examine such books, papers, records, copies of tax reports, accounts, correspondence, contracts, documents, or memoranda as he or she deems relevant and which are within the control of any such person from whom such report was requested, or of any person having, either directly or indirectly, actual or legal control of or over such person or such records, or of any subsidiary of any such person. To carry out the purposes of this section the director, upon giving due notice, may hold hearings, take testimony, administer oaths, subpoena witnesses, and issue subpoenas for the production of books, records, documents, or other writings of any kind, and RCW 15.66.070 shall apply with respect to any such hearing, together with such other regulations consistent therewith as the director may from time to time prescribe.
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