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Petition for modification or exemptionHearingAppeal from ruling.

An affected producer subject to a marketing order may file a written petition with the director stating that the order, agreement, or program or any part thereof is not in accordance with the law, and requesting a modification thereof or exemption therefrom. He or she shall thereupon be given a hearing, which hearing shall be conducted in the manner provided by RCW 15.66.070, and thereafter the director shall make his or her ruling which shall be final.
Appeal from any ruling of the director may be taken to the superior court of the county in which the petitioner resides or has his or her principal place of business, by serving upon the director a copy of the notice of appeal and complaint within twenty days from the date of entry of the ruling. Upon such application the court may proceed in accordance with RCW 7.16.010 through 7.16.140. If the court determines that the ruling is not in accordance with law, it shall remand the proceedings to the director with directions to make such ruling as the court determines to be in accordance with law or to take such further proceedings as in its opinion are required by this chapter.
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