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Form of producer petitions.

Petitions filed with the director by producers shall:
(1) Consist of one or more pages, each of which is dated at the bottom. The date shall be inserted on each sheet prior to, or at the time the first signature is obtained on each sheet. The director shall not accept a sheet on which such date is more than sixty days, prior to the time it is filed with the director. After a petition is filed, additional pages may be filed if time limits have not expired.
(2) Contain wording at the top of each page which clearly explains to each person whose signature appears thereon the meaning and intent of the petition. Such wording shall also clearly indicate to the director if it is in reference to a request for public hearing, exactly what matters are to be studied and desired. Similar information must be directed to the director if the matter relates to a referendum. The director has the authority to clarify wording from a petition before making it a part of a referendum.
No informalities or technicalities in the conduct of a referendum, or in any matters relating thereto, shall invalidate any referendum if it is fairly and reasonably conducted by the director.
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