Chapter 15.35 RCW



15.35.010Short title.
15.35.030Declaration of public interest.
15.35.070Powers conferred to be liberally construedMonopolyPrice setting.
15.35.090Milk control between states.
15.35.100Director's authoritySubpoena powerRules.
15.35.105Minimum milk priceCompetition from outside the marketing area.
15.35.110Referendum on establishing or discontinuing market area pooling arrangement.
15.35.115Referendum on establishing or discontinuing market area pooling arrangementProducer-dealers.
15.35.120Qualifications for producers to sign petitions or vote in referendums.
15.35.130Form of producer petitions.
15.35.140Director to establish systems within market areas.
15.35.150Determination of quota.
15.35.160Contracts, rights and powers of associations not affected.
15.35.170QuotasTransfer ofLimitations.
15.35.180Records of milk dealers and cooperatives, inspection and audit of.
15.35.190Records necessary for milk dealers.
15.35.200Verified reports of milk dealers.
15.35.210Milk dealer licenseRequired.
15.35.220Milk dealer licenseApplication forContents.
15.35.230Milk dealer licenseFeesAdditional assessment for late renewal.
15.35.240Milk dealer licenseDenial, suspension, or revocation ofGrounds.
15.35.250Marketing assessment on producersAdditional assessment for milk testingPenaltyCourt action.
15.35.260Records and reports of licensees for assessment purposes.
15.35.270Assessment due date.
15.35.280Separate account for each marketing planDeductions for departmental costs.
15.35.290Court actions to implement.
15.35.300General penaltyMisdemeanorException.
15.35.310Certain producer-dealers exempt.