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Declaration of public interest.

It is hereby declared that:
(1) Milk is a necessary article of food for human consumption;
(2) The production, distribution, and maintenance of an adequate supply of healthful milk of proper chemical and physical content, free from contamination, is vital to the public health and welfare;
(3) It is the policy of the state to promote, foster, and encourage the intelligent production and orderly marketing of adequate supplies of pure and wholesome milk and milk products necessary to its citizens, to promote competitive prices, and to eliminate economic waste, destructive trade practices, and improper accounting for milk purchased from producers;
(4) Economic factors concerning the production, marketing, and sale of milk in the state may not be accurately reflected in federal programs;
(5) Conditions within the milk industry of this state are such that it may be necessary to establish marketing areas wherein pricing and pooling arrangements between producers are necessary, and for that purpose the director shall have the administrative authority, with such additional duties as are herein prescribed, after investigations and public hearings, to prescribe such marketing areas and modify the same when advisable or necessary.
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