Chapter 15.13 RCW



HTMLPDF 15.13.250Definitions.
HTMLPDF 15.13.260EnforcementRulesScope.
HTMLPDF 15.13.262Application of administrative procedure act.
HTMLPDF 15.13.265EnforcementAccess to nursery dealer premisesInspection.
HTMLPDF 15.13.270Nursery dealer licensing exemptionsPermits for clubs, conservation districts, nonprofit associations, educational organizations.
HTMLPDF 15.13.280Nursery dealer licensesFarmers marketsApplicationFeesExpirationPostingAudit.
HTMLPDF 15.13.285Nursery dealer licensesFee surcharge.
HTMLPDF 15.13.290Nursery dealer licensesAdditional charge for late renewal.
HTMLPDF 15.13.300Nursery dealer licensesApplicationContents.
HTMLPDF 15.13.310Assessment on gross sale price of wholesale market value of certain horticultural plantsMethod for determiningDue dateGross sale periodAudit.
HTMLPDF 15.13.311Christmas tree grower exemptionsLicenseFees.
HTMLPDF 15.13.312Christmas tree grower licenseApplication.
HTMLPDF 15.13.314Christmas tree programAdvisory committee.
HTMLPDF 15.13.315Grapevine certification and nursery improvement programAdvisory committee.
HTMLPDF 15.13.320Fruit tree certification and nursery improvement programAdvisory committee.
HTMLPDF 15.13.335Nursery advisory committeeMembersTerms.
HTMLPDF 15.13.340Late fee on delinquent assessments.
HTMLPDF 15.13.360HearingsSubpoenas.
HTMLPDF 15.13.370Request by licensee for inspector's services during shipping seasonCertificate of inspectionOther requests for inspection and/or certification servicesFees.
HTMLPDF 15.13.380Inspection feesWhen due and payableArrears.
HTMLPDF 15.13.390Unlawful selling, shipment, or transport of horticultural plants or Christmas trees within state, when.
HTMLPDF 15.13.400Unlawful shipment or delivery of horticultural plants into state, whenCertificate and inspection requirementsChristmas treesRulesHearing.
HTMLPDF 15.13.410Shipments into state to be marked or tagged.
HTMLPDF 15.13.420Unlawful acts enumerated.
HTMLPDF 15.13.425False advertisements.
HTMLPDF 15.13.430Hold order on damaged, infested, or infected horticultural plants or Christmas treesSelling or moving unlawful.
HTMLPDF 15.13.440Order of condemnationGrounds for issuance.
HTMLPDF 15.13.445Order or action of directorHearing opportunity.
HTMLPDF 15.13.447Prohibition on recovery of damages.
HTMLPDF 15.13.450Injunction to prevent violations.
HTMLPDF 15.13.455Injunction to restrain operation as nursery dealer or Christmas tree grower without valid licenseCosts, attorneys' fees, and expenses.
HTMLPDF 15.13.470Disposition of moneys collected under chapterExpenditure.
HTMLPDF 15.13.477Compliance agreements.
HTMLPDF 15.13.480Cooperative contracts or agreements to further chapterAgreements to facilitate export.
HTMLPDF 15.13.490Compliance with chapterViolationPenalties.
HTMLPDF 15.13.500Suspension of licenseReissuance.
HTMLPDF 15.13.920Chapter cumulative and nonexclusive.


Prior law: 1961 c 11 §§ 15.12.010 through 15.12.110; 1961 c 221 §§ 1 through 23 (codified as RCW 15.13.010 through 15.13.210, 15.13.900, and 15.13.910).