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Federal licensing of aircraft required.

The public safety requiring and the advantages of uniform regulation making it desirable in the interest of aeronautical progress that aircraft operating within this state should conform with respect to design, construction, and airworthiness to the standards prescribed by the United States government with respect to navigation of aircraft subject to its jurisdiction, it shall be unlawful for any person to navigate any aircraft within this state unless it is licensed and registered by the department of commerce of the United States in the manner prescribed by the lawful rules and regulations of the United States government then in force: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That for the first thirty days after entrance into this state this section shall not apply to aircraft owned by a nonresident of this state other than aircraft carrying persons or property for hire, if such aircraft is licensed and registered and displays identification marks in compliance with the laws of the state, territory or foreign country of which its owner is a resident.
[ 1929 c 157 § 2; RRS § 2722-2.]


Aircraft certificates required: RCW 47.68.230.
Federal aviation program: Title 49, chapter 20, U.S.C.
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