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In this chapter "aircraft" means any contrivance now known or hereafter invented, used, or designed for navigation of or flight in the air, except a parachute or other contrivance designed for such navigation but used primarily as safety equipment. The term "airman" or "airwoman" means any individual (including the person in command and any pilot, mechanic, or member of the crew) who engages in the navigation of aircraft while under way and any individual who is in charge of the inspection, overhauling, or repairing of aircraft. "Operating aircraft" means performing the services of aircraft pilot. "Person" means any individual, proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or trust. "Downed aircraft rescue transmitter" means a transmitter of a type approved by the state department of transportation or the federal aviation administration with sufficient transmission power and reliability that it will be automatically activated upon the crash of an aircraft so as to transmit a signal on a preset frequency so that it will be effective to assist in the location of the downed aircraft. "Air school" means air school as defined in *RCW 47.68.020(11).


*Reviser's note: RCW 47.68.020 was alphabetized pursuant to RCW 1.08.015(2)(k), changing subsection (11) to subsection (4).
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