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Transfer of property to department of revenue.

Escheat property may be transferred to the department of revenue under the provisions of RCW 11.62.005 through 11.62.020. The department of revenue shall furnish proof of death and an affidavit made by the department which meets the requirements of RCW 11.62.010 to any person who is indebted to or has possession of any personal property belonging to the decedent or to the decedent and his or her surviving spouse or surviving domestic partner as a community, which debt or personal property is an asset which is subject to probate. Upon receipt of such proof of death and affidavit, the person shall pay the indebtedness or deliver the personal property, or as much of either as is claimed, to the department of revenue pursuant to RCW 11.62.010.
The department of revenue shall file a copy of its affidavit made pursuant to chapter 11.62 RCW with the clerk of the court where any probate administration of the decedent has been commenced, or, if no probate administration has been commenced, then with the clerk of the court of any county provided by law as a place for probate administration of the estate of such person. The affidavit shall be indexed under the name of the decedent in the probate index upon payment of a fee of two dollars. Any claimant to escheated funds shall have seven years from the filing of the affidavit by the department of revenue within which to file the claim. The claim shall be filed with the clerk of the court where the affidavit of the department of revenue was filed, and a copy served upon the department of revenue, together with twenty days notice of a hearing to be held thereon, and the provisions of RCW 11.08.250 through 11.08.280 shall apply.


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