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Property of deceased inmates of state institutionsDisposition within two years.

Prior to the expiration of the two-year period provided for in RCW 11.08.101, the superintendent may transfer such money or property in his or her possession, upon request and satisfactory proof submitted to him or her, to the following designated persons:
(1) To the personal representative of the estate of such deceased inmate; or
(2) To the successor or successors defined in RCW 11.62.005, where such money and property does not exceed the amount specified in RCW 6.13.030, and the successor or successors shall have furnished proof of death and an affidavit made by said successor or successors meeting the requirements of RCW 11.62.010; or
(3) In the case of money, to the person who may have deposited such money with the superintendent for the use of the decedent, where the sum involved does not exceed one thousand dollars; or
(4) To the department of social and health services, when there are moneys due and owing from such deceased person's estate for the cost of his or her care and maintenance at a state institution: PROVIDED, That transfer of such money or property may be made to the person first qualifying under this section and such transfer shall exonerate the superintendent from further responsibility relative to such money or property: AND PROVIDED FURTHER, That upon satisfactory showing the funeral expenses of such decedent are unpaid, the superintendent may pay up to one thousand dollars from said deceased inmate's funds on said obligation.


Abandoned inmate personal property: RCW 63.42.030, 63.42.040.
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