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Additional reliefPADT area.

In granting a temporary off-limits order or a one-year off-limits order, the court shall have discretion to grant additional relief as the court considers proper to achieve the purposes of this chapter. The PADT area defined in any off-limits order must be reasonably related to the area or areas impacted by the unlawful drug activity as described by the applicant in any civil action under RCW 10.66.020 (1), (2), or (3). The court in its discretion may allow a respondent, who is the subject of any order issued under RCW 10.66.020 as part of a civil or criminal proceeding, to enter an off-limits area or areas for health or employment reasons, subject to conditions prescribed by the court. Upon request, a certified copy of the order shall be provided to the applicant by the clerk of the court.
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