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Ex parte temporary orderHearingNotice.

Upon filing an application for an off-limits order under this chapter, an applicant may obtain an ex parte temporary off-limits order, with or without notice, only upon a showing that serious or irreparable harm will result to the applicant if the temporary off-limits order is not granted. An ex parte temporary off-limits order shall be effective for a fixed period not to exceed fourteen days, but the court may reissue the order upon a showing of good cause. A hearing on a one-year off-limits order, as provided in this chapter, shall be set for fourteen days from the issuance of the temporary order. The respondent shall be personally served with a copy of the temporary off-limits order along with a copy of the application and notice of the date set for the full hearing. At the hearing, if the court finds that respondent is a known drug trafficker who has engaged in drug trafficking in a particular area, and that the area is associated with a pattern of drug activities, the court shall issue a one-year off-limits order prohibiting the respondent from having any contact with the PADT area. At any time within three months before the expiration of the order, the applicant may apply for a renewal of the order by filing a new petition under this chapter.
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