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PDFWAC 388-454-0006

How can I receive TANF/SFA as an In Loco Parentis caregiver?

(1) In Loco Parentis caregiver means:
(a) You are acting as a parent for a child living with you;
(b) The child is not related to you; and
(c) You do not have a court order that gives you legal custody or guardianship of the child.
(2) You are required to complete a financial interview to determine eligibility of the child in your care, per WAC 388-400-0005.
(3) You are eligible to receive a TANF/SFA grant for the child in your care as long as:
(a) The child meets all of the criteria under WAC 388-400-0005;
(b) You, and all adults 18 years of age or older, residing in the household must complete, sign, and provide the department a background check authorization form.
(4) In addition to the cash grant, you will be offered a voluntary assessment from the department to discuss the child's needs. The assessment may include a home visit. During the assessment, you will receive a referral to resources in your local community to provide support for the child in your care.
(5) If the background check or the assessment with the department raises concerns of child abuse or neglect, per RCW 26.44.030 the department will make a report to the department of children, youth, and families for the safety of the child.
(6) With regard to In Loco Parentis applicants, the department must do the following:
(a) Determine financial eligibility;
(b) Notify the child's parents of the approval of the TANF/SFA assistance per WAC 388-454-0025;
(c) Provide the caregiver information of exemptions under WAC 388-422-0020 from the requirement to cooperate with the division of child support on collection of child support from the non-custodial parents, where there are safety concerns for the caregiver or the child;
(d) Process the background check of all adults 18 years of age or older residing in the household and evaluate the findings for suitability and competency to care for the child in your home;
(e) Accept a certificate of parental improvement, from the In Loco Parentis applicant, as described in WAC 110-05-0001, and not considering the related finding of child abuse or neglect in the background check;
(f) Provide a voluntary assessment, voluntary home visit, and offer resources to the child in the home of the In Loco Parentis caregiver.
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