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PDFWAC 381-100-050


(1) The indeterminate sentence review board will exercise its authority over offenders in a manner that:
(a) Places a high priority on public safety;
(b) Imposes only those reasonable and enforceable conditions of community custody necessary to facilitate the safety of previous victims and potential victims, encourage responsibility, and to assist the offender's lawful reintegration into the community; and
(c) Supports the role and responsibility of the community corrections officer to assist offenders to reenter the community in a law abiding manner.
(2) In making a decision on sanctions, community custody revocation or reinstatement, the indeterminate sentence review board may consider the following factors in addition to factors that are case specific:
(a) Whether or not the community custody violation behavior also resulted in a criminal conviction;
(b) The relationship of the community custody violation behavior to the committing offense and the nature of the violation;
(c) The length of time the offender has been on community custody as well as time previously served on the conviction;
(d) The perspective and recommendation of victim(s) and/or other concerned citizens;
(e) The recommendation and supporting reasons offered by the community corrections officer, the offender and attorney, and the assistant attorney general;
(f) The level of risk to the community posed by the offender;
(g) The previous board action during the period of community custody;
(h) The number of previous violation hearings and offender compliance with resulting sanctions; and
(i) The sanction range under the administrative sanction grid.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 34.05.220 (1)(b). WSR 09-08-109, ยง 381-100-050, filed 3/31/09, effective 5/1/09.]
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