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PDFWAC 332-12-390

Due diligence.

Oil and gas leases shall continue after their initial term as provided by RCW 79.14.020 and 79.14.050 if:
(1) The lessee has complied with the conditions of the lease and is actively exploring in which one string of tools is in operation on the lease premises, allowing not to exceed ninety days between the completion of one well and the start of the next; or
(2) The lessee shall be producing oil and/or gas in continuous paying quantities; or
(3) The lessee is proceeding and actively pursuing development in the opinion of the department to efficiently extract oil, gas or associated substances after discovery; or
(4) The lessee engages in drilling, deepening, repairing or redrilling any production well without a ninety-day cessation of such activities; or
(5) The lessee has constructed a well capable of producing oil, gas or associated substances in paying quantities which is shut-in by consent or order of the oil and gas conservation committee. Such lease extension shall continue for the duration of such consent or order.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 79.14.120. WSR 86-07-027 (Order 472), § 332-12-390, filed 3/13/86; WSR 82-23-053 (Order 387), § 332-12-390, filed 11/16/82.]
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