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PDFWAC 315-30-040

Drawings and end of sales prior to drawings.

(1) Drawings shall be conducted in a location and at days and times designated by the director. Each drawing script shall contain the statement, "Digits/numbers/symbols drawn are not official until validated."
(2) The director shall announce for each type of game the time for the end of sales prior to the drawings. Lottery terminals will not process orders for tickets for that drawing after the time established by the director.
(3) The director shall designate the type of equipment to be used and shall establish procedures to randomly select the winning combination for each type of game.
(4) The equipment used to determine the winning combination shall not be electronically or otherwise connected to the central computer or to any tapes, discs, files, etc., generated or produced by the central computer. The equipment shall be tested prior to and after each drawing to assure proper operation and lack of tampering or fraud. Drawings shall not be certified until all checks are completed. No prizes shall be paid until after the drawing is certified.
(5) The director shall establish procedures governing the conduct of drawings for each type of game. The procedures shall include provisions for deviations which include but are not limited to: (a) Drawing equipment malfunction before validation of the winning combination; (b) video and/or audio malfunction during the drawing; (c) fouled drawing; (d) delayed drawing; and (e) other equipment, facility and/or personnel difficulties.
(6) In the event a deviation occurs, the drawing will be completed under lottery supervision. If the drawing was to be broadcast, the drawing shall be video taped for later broadcast, if broadcast time is available. The drawing shall be certified and the deviation documented on the certification form. The winning combination will be provided to the television network for dissemination to the public.
(7) If during any live-broadcasted drawing for a game, a mechanical failure or operator error causes an interruption in the selection of all digits, numbers, or symbols, a "foul" shall be called by the lottery drawing official. Any digit/number/symbol drawn prior to a "foul" being called will stand and be deemed official after passing lottery validation tests.
(8) The director shall delay payment of all prizes if any evidence exists or there are grounds for suspicion that tampering or fraud has occurred. Payment shall be made after an investigation is completed and the drawing certified. If the drawing is not certified, another drawing will be conducted to determine the actual winner.
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