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PDFWAC 314-55-085

What are the transportation requirements for a cannabis licensee?

(1) Notification of shipment. Upon transporting any cannabis or cannabis product, a producer, processor, retailer, or certified third-party testing lab shall notify the WSLCB of the type and amount and/or weight of cannabis and/or cannabis products being transported, the name of transporter, information about the transporting vehicle, times of departure and expected delivery. This information must be reported in the traceability system described in WAC 314-55-083(4).
(2) Receipt of shipment. Upon receiving the shipment, the licensee or certified third-party lab receiving the product shall report the amount and/or weight of cannabis and/or cannabis products received in the traceability system.
(3) Transportation manifest. A complete printed transport manifest on a form provided by the WSLCB containing all information required by the WSLCB must be kept with the product at all times.
(4) Records of transportation. Records of all transportation must be kept for a minimum of three years at the licensee's location and are subject to inspection.
(5) Transportation of product. Cannabis or cannabis products that are being transported must meet the following requirements:
(a) Only the cannabis licensee, an employee of the licensee, a transportation licensee, or a certified testing lab may transport product and/or occupy a transporting vehicle;
(b) Drivers and/or occupants of a transporting vehicle must be 21 years of age or older;
(c) Cannabis or cannabis products must be in a sealed package or container approved by the WSLCB pursuant to WAC 314-55-105;
(d) Sealed packages or containers cannot be opened during transport;
(e) Cannabis or cannabis products must be in a locked, safe and secure storage compartment that is secured to the inside body/compartment of the vehicle transporting the cannabis or cannabis products;
(f) Any vehicle transporting cannabis or cannabis products must travel directly from the shipping licensee to the receiving licensee and must not make any unnecessary stops in between except to other facilities receiving product;
(g) Live plants may be transported in a fully enclosed, windowless locked trailer, or in a secured area within the inside body/compartment of a van or box truck. A secured area is defined as an area where solid or locking metal petitions, cages, or high strength shatterproof acrylic can be used to create a secure compartment in the fully enclosed van or box truck. The secure compartment in the fully enclosed van or box truck must be free of windows. Live plants may not be transported in the bed of a pickup truck, a sports utility vehicle, or passenger car.
(6) For purposes of this chapter, any vehicle assigned for the purposes of transporting cannabis, usable cannabis, cannabis concentrates, or cannabis-infused products shall be considered an extension of the licensed premises. Transport vehicles are subject to inspection by enforcement officers of the WSLCB. Vehicles assigned for transportation may be stopped and inspected by a WSLCB enforcement officer at any licensed location, or while en route during transportation.
(7) All cannabis plants, clones, seeds, lots, batches, intermediate products, end products, vendor samples, and sample jars must remain physically tagged during transport.
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