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PDFWAC 308-108-120


(1) The driver training school's license and all instructor certificates shall be posted in a conspicuous place at the location where instruction takes place. The school license must be posted before engaging students in a course of instruction.
(2) Each driver training school shall adopt and provide for its customers a written policy that includes, but is not limited to:
(a) Enrollment criteria;
(b) Student fees and student fee refunds;
(c) Course failures and course repeats;
(d) The minimum and maximum course duration;
(e) Refusing to allow a student to attend a driver training education course before the age of fifteen years;
(f) Refusing to enroll new students in a driver education course after the first three classes have been completed; and
(g) Information about Washington's intermediate licensing requirements, restrictions, and penalties and a place for parents to initial indicating that they have received the information.
(3) Driver training school owners and instructors shall maintain individual student records on forms provided by the department or on substantially similar forms that have been approved by the department. Student records shall document for each student:
(a) Course attendance, starting, and ending dates;
(b) The dates and times for each session of classroom and behind the wheel instruction;
(c) Classroom and behind the wheel progress and time involvement or flowchart;
(d) Classroom and behind the wheel performance evaluation results;
(e) The name and signature of the instructor who provided each session of classroom and behind the wheel instruction; and
(f) That both the student and parent received intermediate license requirements, restriction, and penalty information.
(4) Student records must be maintained by a driver training school for three years from the date instruction has ended.
(5) Driver training school records that must be maintained by a driver training school for three years, include but are not limited to:
(a) The school's written curriculum guide;
(b) Insurance policies;
(c) Collision or injury reports;
(d) Traffic safety education vehicle registration records; and
(e) Records of any traffic violations committed by an instructor employed by the school.
(6) Upon the sale or other transfer of a school by its owner, the school and student records shall be transferred to the new owner and become the property and responsibility of the new owner.
(7) The driving school owner must notify the department within thirty days of closing the school and submit all unused traffic safety certificates and student course completion reports to the department.
(8) Class size must not exceed city fire code requirements for the classroom.
(9) Traffic safety education classroom hours shall not overlap between two or more classes.
(10) Failure to renew a school license before it expires will put all related branch office or branch classroom licenses into an inactive status.
(11) Student records are subject to department audit and inspection anytime after ninety days of the school's initial licensing, or as soon as practicable for the department.
(12) Branch office or classroom locations must display an official license issued by the department in a conspicuous place.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.82.290. WSR 09-21-093, § 308-108-120, filed 10/20/09, effective 11/20/09. Statutory Authority: RCW 46.82.290, 46.82.310, 46.82.320, 46.82.330, and 46.82.340. WSR 07-01-069, § 308-108-120, filed 12/18/06, effective 1/18/07. Statutory Authority: RCW 46.82.290. WSR 05-16-061, § 308-108-120, filed 7/29/05, effective 8/29/05.]
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