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PDFWAC 296-20-121


Recognizing the greatest need for access to X-rays lies with the attending doctor, the department or self-insurer requires only submission of X-ray findings and does not require submission of the actual films except upon specific request when needed for purposes of permanent disability rating, other administrative or legal decisions, or in litigation cases. The department or self-insurer requires the attending doctor retain X-rays for a period of not less than ten years. In transfer cases, the X-rays in the possession of the current attending doctor must be made available to the new attending doctor.
When requesting consultation, the attending doctor should make any X-rays in his possession available to the consultant.
When a special exam has been arranged for the worker by the department or self-insurer, the worker's existing X-rays should be provided to the special examiner. The worker may carry such X-rays to the exam.
When the doctor's office is closed because of death, retirement or leaving the state, arrangements must be made with the department or self-insurer regarding custody of X-rays to insure availability on request. When submitting billing for X-ray service, a copy of the X-ray findings is required. No payment will be made for excessive or unnecessary X-rays. No payment will be made on closed or rejected claims, except under conditions outlined in WAC 296-20-124.
Prior authorization is required for X-rays subsequent to the initial study. Repeat or serial radiology examinations may be performed only upon adequate clinical justification to confirm changes in the condition(s) accepted. The subjective complaints and the objective findings substantiating the repeat study must be submitted by the practitioner in the request for authorization to the department or self-insurer.
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