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Chapter 296-104 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF296-104-001Administration—To what do these rules apply?
HTMLPDF296-104-010Administration—What are the definitions of terms used in this chapter?
HTMLPDF296-104-015Administration—When and where are the board meetings held?
HTMLPDF296-104-017Administration—How are rules affected if other rules are invalidated?
HTMLPDF296-104-018Administration—Interpretation of rules—Appeal rights—Hearings.
HTMLPDF296-104-019Administration—How are Washington state specials and extensions of inspection frequencies for boilers and pressure vessels obtained?
HTMLPDF296-104-020Administration—What are the filing requirements for boilers and unfired pressure vessels before their installation/reinstallation?
HTMLPDF296-104-021Administration—What is the registration requirement for new standard boilers and unfired pressure vessels?
HTMLPDF296-104-025Administration—What are the notification and reporting requirements following an accident involving a boiler or pressure vessel?
HTMLPDF296-104-030Administration—What is the penalty for operation of unsafe boilers or unfired pressure vessels?
HTMLPDF296-104-035Administration—What are conflicts of interest for inspectors?
HTMLPDF296-104-040Administration—When should inspectors submit inspection reports and on what forms?
HTMLPDF296-104-045Administration—What are the insurance companies' responsibilities?
HTMLPDF296-104-050Administration—What are the requirements for a boiler inspector?
HTMLPDF296-104-060Administration—When shall an inspectors' Washington state commission be issued, suspended, or revoked?
HTMLPDF296-104-065Administration—How should an inspector obtain a Washington state commission?
HTMLPDF296-104-100Inspection—How often must boilers and unfired pressure vessels be inspected?
HTMLPDF296-104-102Inspection—What are the standards for in-service inspection?
HTMLPDF296-104-105Inspection—How much time is required for notification of an internal inspection?
HTMLPDF296-104-110Inspection—What will be done when boilers or unfired pressure vessels are deemed unsafe or defective?
HTMLPDF296-104-115Inspection—What will be done when defective conditions are concealed by covering?
HTMLPDF296-104-125Inspection—What are the requirements for obtaining a certificate of inspection?
HTMLPDF296-104-130Inspection—When are inspection certificates valid?
HTMLPDF296-104-135Inspection—What are the requirements for restamping of boilers and unfired pressure vessels?
HTMLPDF296-104-140Inspection—How should a state number be assigned and applied?
HTMLPDF296-104-145Inspection—How are groups of vessels operating as a single unit classified?
HTMLPDF296-104-150Inspection—How are unfired steam boilers classified?
HTMLPDF296-104-151Inspection—What are the requirements for rental boilers?
HTMLPDF296-104-155Inspection—What preparations are necessary prior to internal inspections?
HTMLPDF296-104-160Inspection—What happens if a boiler or unfired pressure vessel is improperly prepared for inspection?
HTMLPDF296-104-165Inspection—When should coverings be removed for inspection?
HTMLPDF296-104-170Inspection—When are shop inspections required?
HTMLPDF296-104-180Inspection—How are radioactive systems inspected?
HTMLPDF296-104-200Construction—What are the standards for new construction?
HTMLPDF296-104-205Construction—What are the requirements for nonstandard new construction?
HTMLPDF296-104-210Construction—What are the requirements for construction of boilers and unfired pressure vessels of special design?
HTMLPDF296-104-215Construction—What are the requirements to use nonstandard boilers and unfired pressure vessels other than historical boilers and pressure vessels?
HTMLPDF296-104-220Construction—What are the requirements to use nonstandard second hand boilers and unfired pressure vessels, other than historical boilers and pressure vessels?
HTMLPDF296-104-226Construction—What are the requirements to use historical boilers and pressure vessels?
HTMLPDF296-104-245Construction—Combustible fluid heaters.
HTMLPDF296-104-251InstallationWhat are the standards for installation for nonnuclear boiler and pressure vessels?
HTMLPDF296-104-255Installation—What are the required clearances for boilers?
HTMLPDF296-104-260Installation—What are the required clearances for unfired pressure vessels?
HTMLPDF296-104-265Installation—What are the requirements for unfired pressure vessels installed underground?
HTMLPDF296-104-271Installation—How does an owner, user, or installer obtain a variance from clearances?
HTMLPDF296-104-273Installation—What inspections are required for reinstalled standard boilers or unfired pressure vessels?
HTMLPDF296-104-295Installation—What are the requirements for an explosion door?
HTMLPDF296-104-300Installation—What control and limit devices are required on automatically fired boilers prior to June 1989?
HTMLPDF296-104-301InstallationWhat control and limit devices are required on automatically fired power boilers after June 1989?
HTMLPDF296-104-302InstallationWhat control and limit devices are required on automatically fired hot water heating, hot water supply boilers, coil type hot water heating boilers, low pressure steam boilers, and HLW potable water heaters after June 1989?
HTMLPDF296-104-303InstallationWhat fuel controls are required on automatically fired boilers after December 1998?
HTMLPDF296-104-307Installation—When are platforms around boilers required?
HTMLPDF296-104-316Installation—What safety pressure relief devices are required on boilers and unfired pressure vessels?
HTMLPDF296-104-320Installation—Where should the discharge from safety pressure relief devices, blow offs and drains be directed?
HTMLPDF296-104-325Installation—What are the requirements for boiler and unfired pressure vessel supports?
HTMLPDF296-104-405Existing installation—How can the maximum allowable working pressure be established for nonstandard boilers or unfired pressure vessels?
HTMLPDF296-104-502Repairs—What is the standard for nonnuclear repairs and alterations?
HTMLPDF296-104-503Repairs—What are the requirements for nonnuclear boilers and unfired pressure vessel repairs and alterations?
HTMLPDF296-104-510Repairs—When a lap seam crack is discovered along a riveted longitudinal joint on a boiler or unfired pressure vessel, what action is required and what repairs are allowed?
HTMLPDF296-104-515Repairs—Do riveted repairs to boilers and unfired pressure vessels require prior approval?
HTMLPDF296-104-520Repairs—What are the requirements for repair of nonnuclear safety devices?
HTMLPDF296-104-535Repairs—What are the requirements for nuclear repairs/replacement?
HTMLPDF296-104-540Repairs—What are the requirements for nuclear repairs of safety devices?
HTMLPDF296-104-700What are the inspection fees—Examination fees—Certificate fees—Expenses?
HTMLPDF296-104-701What are the civil penalties?
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