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PDFWAC 253-12-100

Protection of public records.

In order that public records maintained on the premises of the authority may be protected from damage or disorganization as required by chapter 42.17 RCW, the following procedures and practices are hereby instituted:
(1) Upon receipt of a request by a member of the public for a public record, the public records officer or the staff member in the authority's office receiving the request shall review the request for a public record and the requested public record to determine whether deletions from such record should be made or the request for such record should be denied pursuant to WAC 253-12-080.
(2) Only after a determination has been made that all or such portion of a public record as is not deleted may be inspected shall such public record or portion thereof be made available for inspection by a member of the public.
(3) Only the staff and members of the authority may open authority files to gain access to authority records for either authority business or to respond to a request for a public record.
(4) No public record of the authority may be taken from the premises of the authority by a member of the public.
(5) Public inspection of authority records shall be done only in such locations as are approved by the public records officer, which locations must provide an opportunity for authority staff members to ensure that no public record of the authority is damaged, destroyed, unreasonably disorganized or removed from its proper location or order by a member of the public.
(6) Public records of the authority may be copied only on the copying machines of the authority unless other arrangements are authorized by the public records officer.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.07.040. WSR 84-24-012 (Order 3), ยง 253-12-100, filed 11/27/84.]
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