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PDFWAC 247-04-030

Facilities which may be health care facilities.

(1) Upon investigation, at the request of a participant, the authority may determine other facilities (including land, structures, systems, machinery, equipment or other real or personal property or appurtenances useful for or associated with the delivery of inpatient or outpatient health care service or support for such care or any combination thereof) to be health care facilities for purposes of chapter 70.37 RCW, to the extent that the participant intends such health care activities to be a principal use of such facility. Such facilities may include the following, among others:
(a) Adult day care centers;
(b) Counseling centers;
(c) Family planning centers;
(d) Group care facilities for children with disabilities;
(e) Juvenile evaluation and treatment facilities;
(f) Occupational health clinics;
(g) Rehabilitation centers;
(h) Speech and hearing clinics; and
(i) Training centers for persons with developmental disabilities.
(2) A determination that a facility is a health care facility shall be based on both actual and intended use, as expressed by the participant in its request to the authority for such determination and other supporting documentation, including information responsive to the factors described in WAC 247-04-040 below and as may be required by executive director.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.37.050. WSR 94-15-053, ยง 247-04-030, filed 7/15/94, effective 8/15/94.]
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