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PDFWAC 246-851-580

Drug list.

Pursuant to RCW 18.53.010(4), the optometry board adopts the following drug formulary of oral Schedule II hydrocodone combination products, Schedule III through V controlled substances, and legend drugs for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in the practice of optometry. No licensed optometrist may use, prescribe, dispense, purchase, possess, or administer these drugs except as authorized and to the extent permitted by the board. This section includes the approved oral drug formulary. Optometrists must consult WAC 246-851-590 for specific guidelines on these drugs or drug categories.
(1) Approved nonscheduled oral drugs include:
(a) Antibiotic agents excluding those listed in WAC 246-851-590(1).
(b) Antiviral agents.
(c) Antifungal agents listed under WAC 246-851-590(2).
(d) Antihistamine agents.
(e) Decongestant agents.
(f) Dry eye agents.
(g) Anti-emetic agents listed under WAC 246-851-590(3).
(h) Diuretic agents listed under WAC 246-851-590(4).
(i) Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents excluding those listed in WAC 246-851-590(5).
(j) Analgesics and adjuvant analgesics.
(2) Approved controlled substances limited to Schedule II hydrocodone combination products and Schedules III, IV, and V.
(a) Schedule II hydrocodone combination products.
(b) Schedule III controlled substances.
(c) Schedule IV controlled substances.
(d) Schedule IV anti-anxiety/sedative agents.
(e) Schedule V controlled substances.
(3) Approved injectable substances.
Administration of epinephrine by injection for the treatment of anaphylactic shock.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.54.070(2) and 18.53.010(4). WSR 19-04-071, § 246-851-580, filed 2/1/19, effective 3/4/19. Statutory Authority: RCW 18.54.070(2) and 18.53.010. WSR 16-16-017, § 246-851-580, filed 7/21/16, effective 8/21/16. Statutory Authority: 2003 c 142 and RCW 18.54.070(2). WSR 04-12-127, § 246-851-580, filed 6/2/04, effective 7/3/04.]
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