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Chapter 246-851 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF246-851-040Approval of schools and colleges of optometry.
HTMLPDF246-851-090Continuing education requirement.
HTMLPDF246-851-120Approval of courses.
HTMLPDF246-851-125Category 1Credit for education from optometry-specific organizations.
HTMLPDF246-851-140Category 2Credit for education from nonoptometric organizations.
HTMLPDF246-851-150Category 3Credit for teaching.
HTMLPDF246-851-155Category 4Credit for publishing and exhibiting.
HTMLPDF246-851-170Category 5Credit for self-directed study.
HTMLPDF246-851-230Credits for practice management.
HTMLPDF246-851-235Credits for cultural competency in clinical care.
HTMLPDF246-851-245Optometrist suicide prevention education.
HTMLPDF246-851-250Minimum equipment requirements.
HTMLPDF246-851-260Mobile optometric units.
HTMLPDF246-851-280Contact lens advertising.
HTMLPDF246-851-290Maintenance of records.
HTMLPDF246-851-300Renting space from and practicing on premises of commercial (mercantile) concern.
HTMLPDF246-851-310Proper identification of licensees.
HTMLPDF246-851-320Doctor of optometry presumed responsible for advertisements.
HTMLPDF246-851-330Misleading titles or degrees.
HTMLPDF246-851-350Improper professional relationship.
HTMLPDF246-851-370Employed doctors of optometry, franchises and equipment use agreements.
HTMLPDF246-851-380Practice under another optometrist's name.
HTMLPDF246-851-400Certification required for use of pharmaceutical agents.
HTMLPDF246-851-410Drug formulary.
HTMLPDF246-851-420Optometrist with prescriptive authorization.
HTMLPDF246-851-440Philosophy governing voluntary substance abuse monitoring programs.
HTMLPDF246-851-450Terms used in WAC 246-851-440 through 246-851-470.
HTMLPDF246-851-460Approval of substance abuse monitoring programs.
HTMLPDF246-851-470Participation in approved substance abuse monitoring program.
HTMLPDF246-851-490Examination and licensure.
HTMLPDF246-851-495How to obtain a temporary practice permit while the national background check is completed.
HTMLPDF246-851-500Credentialing by endorsement.
HTMLPDF246-851-505Temporary practice permitMilitary spouse.
HTMLPDF246-851-520Contact lens prescription defined.
HTMLPDF246-851-540Inactive credential.
HTMLPDF246-851-545Retired active credential.
HTMLPDF246-851-550Sexual misconduct.
HTMLPDF246-851-560Adjudicative proceedings.
HTMLPDF246-851-570Certification required for use or prescription of drugs administered orally for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.
HTMLPDF246-851-580Drug list.
HTMLPDF246-851-590Guidelines for the use of oral Schedule II hydrocodone combination products and Schedule III through V controlled substances and legend drugs.
HTMLPDF246-851-600Certification required for administration of epinephrine by injection for treatment of anaphylactic shock.
HTMLPDF246-851-610Approval or removal of medications.
HTMLPDF246-851-990Optometry fees and renewal cycle.
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