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WAC 246-840-035

Initial licensure for registered nurses—Out-of-state nontraditional nursing education program approved by another United States nursing board as defined by WAC 246-840-010(16).

Registered nursing applicants educated in a nontraditional nursing education program approved by a United States board of nursing and applying for initial licensure must:
(1) Successfully complete the board or commission approved practical nurse program which included multiple clinical experiences supervised by nursing faculty and possess a current Washington state practical nurse license which is in good standing. The commission may verify that this requirement is met through review of documents previously submitted to the commission.
(2) Successfully complete a board approved nontraditional registered nursing program.
(3) Complete at least two hundred hours of supervised clinical experience (preceptorship) in the role of a registered nurse. The preceptorship must be accomplished within six months following completion of the applicant's nursing education program. The required elements of a preceptorship are:
(a) Clinical sites may include acute care or subacute care settings or skilled nursing facilities. Other sites must be approved by the commission.
(b) The preceptor must be a licensed registered nurse with at least two years experience in a clinical practice setting that is the same type of practice setting where the preceptorship will occur.
(c) The preceptor shall not have a history of disciplinary actions.
(d) There must be a written agreement between the applicant and the preceptor (or facility) that preceptorship supervision will occur. The written agreement shall state that the registered nurse agrees to act as preceptor and understands that the practical nurse is practicing under the preceptor's registered nurse license. The written agreement must be signed before the preceptorship begins.
(e) A checklist, on a form provided by the commission, must be completed by the preceptor indicating satisfactory completion by the applicant of identified skills.
(f) Skills performed by the applicant within the role of a registered nurse, under the immediate supervision of the RN preceptor, must include: Delegation and supervision, decision making and critical thinking, patient assessment and evaluation of care and communication with health team members.
(4) Complete seven clock hours of AIDS education as required in chapter 246-12 WAC, Part 8.
(5) Successfully pass the commission approved registered nurse licensure examination.
(6) Submit the following documents:
(a) A completed licensure application with the required fee as described in WAC 246-840-990.
(b) An official transcript sent directly from the applicant's nursing education program to the commission. The transcript must contain adequate documentation to demonstrate that the applicant has graduated from an approved nursing program.
The transcripts shall include course names and credits accepted from other programs.
(c) Documentation of two hundred hours of supervised clinical experience that meet the requirements of subsection (3) of this section.
(d) Additional documentation as requested by the commission if the commission cannot verify the applicant's successful completion of a board or commission approved practical nurse program which included multiple clinical experiences supervised by nursing faculty.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.79.110. WSR 08-11-019, § 246-840-035, filed 5/12/08, effective 6/12/08.]
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