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PDFWAC 246-830-430


(1) A massage school, massage program or apprenticeship program education and training must have a curriculum and system of education and training consistent with its particular area of practice. The education and training in massage therapy will consist of a minimum of five hundred hours. An hour of education and training is defined as fifty minutes of actual instructional time. Certification in American Red Cross first aid and American Heart Association CPR or the equivalent is required. CPR training must be in person. This requirement is in addition to the five hundred hours of education and training in massage therapy. These five hundred hours are not to be completed in less than six months and must consist of the following:
(a) One hundred thirty hours of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology including palpation, range of motion, and physics of joint function. There must be a minimum of forty hours of kinesiology.
(b) Fifty hours of pathology including indications and contraindications consistent with the particular area of practice.
(c) Two hundred sixty-five hours of theory and practice of massage to include techniques, remedial movements, body mechanics of the therapist, and the impact of techniques on pathologies. A maximum of fifty of these hours may include time spent in a student clinic. Hydrotherapy must be included when consistent with the particular area of practice.
(d) Fifty-five hours of clinical/business practices, at a minimum to include hygiene, recordkeeping, medical terminology, professional ethics, business management, human behavior, client or patient interaction, and state and local laws.
(2) To receive credit in an apprenticeship program for previous education and training, this education and training must have been completed within the five-year period prior to enrollment in the apprenticeship program.
(3) A student attending a massage school, massage program, transfer program or apprenticeship program outside the state of Washington must pass a jurisprudence exam.
(4) A massage school, massage program, transfer program or apprenticeship program may exempt a student from curriculum requirements when the student's successful performance on an examination that the massage school, massage program, transfer program or apprenticeship program administers demonstrates that the student has attained competency in that subject area as a result of prior postsecondary learning or training.
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