Chapter 208-512 WAC

Last Update: 12/1/17


(Formerly chapter 50-12 WAC)

WAC Sections

208-512-070Nonbankable assets.
208-512-080Purchase or sale of investment securities—Resale or repurchase agreement.
208-512-090Purchase or sale of investment securities—For customer or institution accounts allowable.
208-512-100Leasing bank premises—Limitations.
208-512-110Investment securities—Permissible investments.
208-512-115Investment securities—Proper management.
208-512-116Investment securities—Investment in investment companies.
208-512-117Investment securities—Investments in corporations.
208-512-130Community Reinvestment Act—Purpose.
208-512-180Community Reinvestment Act—Limitation on single investment for commercial banks.
208-512-190Community Reinvestment Act—Investment in qualifying community investments for commercial banks.
208-512-200Community Reinvestment Act—Consideration of performance in approving and disapproving applications.
208-512-320Insurance-related activities—Purpose.
208-512-340Insurance-related activities—General rule.
208-512-350Insurance-related activities—Exceptions.
208-512-360Insurance-related activities—Subsidiary.
208-512-370Insurance-related activities—Enforcement.
208-512-400Subprime mortgage lending—Purpose of these rules.
208-512-410Subprime mortgage lending—What is the "guidance"?
208-512-420Subprime mortgage lending—What does the guidance require of banks, savings banks and savings associations?
208-512-430Subprime mortgage lending—Is there a list of subjects that banks, savings banks and savings associations must include in their policies and procedures?
208-512-440Subprime mortgage lending—Where can I read the guidance documents?
208-512-450Subprime mortgage lending—Why do I need to read the federal guidance documents?
208-512-460Subprime mortgage lending—What will the division of banks do about compliance with guidance policies and procedures?
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