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PDFWAC 180-51-075

Social studies requirement—Mandatory courses—Equivalencies.

The social studies requirement in WAC 180-51-060 shall consist of the following mandatory courses or equivalencies:
(1) Pursuant to WAC 180-51-060, one credit shall be required in United States history and government which shall include study of the Constitution of the United States. No other course content may be substituted as an equivalency for this requirement.
(2)(a) Pursuant to the provisions of RCW 28A.230.170, 28A.230.090, and WAC 180-51-060, one-half credit shall be required in Washington state history and government which shall include study of the Constitution of the state of Washington and is encouraged to include information on the culture, history, and government of the American Indian people who were the first inhabitants of the state.
(b) Secondary school students who have completed and passed a state history and government course of study in another state may have the Washington state history and government requirement waived by their principal. The study of the United States and Washington state Constitutions required under RCW 28A.230.170 shall not be waived, but may be fulfilled through an alternative learning experience approved by the school principal pursuant to a written district policy. For purposes of this subsection the term "secondary school students" shall mean a student who is in one of the grades seven through twelve.
(c) After completion of the tenth grade and prior to commencement of the eleventh grade, eleventh and twelfth grade students who transfer from another state, and who have or will have earned two credits in social studies at graduation, may have the Washington state history requirement waived by their principal if without such a waiver they will not be able to graduate with their class.
(3) Pursuant to WAC 180-51-060, one credit shall be required in contemporary world history, geography, and problems. Courses in economics, sociology, civics, political science, international relations, or related courses with emphasis on current problems may be accepted as equivalencies.
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