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PDFWAC 172-141-010

Commitment and purpose.

Eastern Washington University is committed to freedom of expression and first amendment principles. Active participation in dialogue and expression is a vital part of higher education. Listening to and engaging with various viewpoints transforms students into informed citizens. Thus, the university believes freedom of expression is indispensable and is committed to respecting and promoting first amendment rights.
As an educational institution, the university's property and facilities are reserved primarily for educational use including, but not limited to, instruction, research, public assembly of university groups, student activities, and activities directly related to the educational mission of the university. The public character of the university does not grant individuals the right to substantially interfere with, or otherwise disrupt, the normal activities for and to which the university's facilities and property are dedicated. Accordingly, the university's outdoor areas are designated as a public forum for the purposes identified in this chapter and subject to the time, place and manner provisions set forth below.
The time, place, and manner regulations set forth in this chapter establish procedures and reasonable controls for the use of university property. It is intended to balance the university's responsibility to fulfill its mission as a state educational institution with the interest of persons and groups who are interested in using the campus for constitutionally protected expression. Due to the nature of its purpose, the university prioritizes use for university employees, students, and university-affiliated groups. The university intends to open its outdoor spaces to nonuniversity affiliated groups and persons to the extent such usage does not conflict with the rights of university employees, students, and university-affiliated groups or substantially disrupt the university's operations and functions.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.35.120(12) and 42.56.070. WSR 18-11-066, ยง 172-141-010, filed 5/15/18, effective 6/15/18.]
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