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PDFWAC 136-500-050

Project type and submittal.

(1) There are two project types eligible for funding under this program:
(a) Site specific - Single location.
(b) County wide - Multiple sites within a single county.
(2) To request a loan through this program, the county shall submit the following:
(a) A copy of the adopted emergency declaration; and
(b) A brief description of the project site(s) requested for funding; and
(c) An estimate of costs for work at each site(s); and
(d) Pictures of the damaged area(s); or
(e) A DDIR for each site may be submitted in lieu of requirements (a) through (d) of this subsection.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 36.78 RCW. WSR 20-04-076, ยง 136-500-050, filed 2/4/20, effective 3/6/20.]
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