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WAC 132V-112-054

Contest of election—Time for filing objections—Investigation of objections.

Any organization, the name of which appears on the ballot, or any academic employee may within five days after the certification of the results of an election under the provisions of WAC 132V-112-048, file objections to the conduct of the election with the chief election officer designated by the board of trustees pursuant to WAC 132V-112-012. The election officer shall investigate such objections and, if necessary, hold formal hearings thereon. He shall report thereon to the board of trustees. If the board of trustees shall conclude that the conduct objected to may have improperly affected the results of the election, it shall order a new election. Otherwise, it shall overrule the objections and the results of the election shall be considered final. Objections to the conduct of the election which are not filed in accordance with the provisions of this section shall be waived and of no effect.
[Order 7, § 132V-112-054, filed 6/27/72.]
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