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PDFWAC 118-67-130

Manufacturers of 9-1-1-only handsets.

Manufacturers of 9-1-1-only handsets that are manufactured after May 3, 2004, are required to:
(1) Program each handset with 9-1-1 plus the decimal representation of the seven least significant digits of the electronic serial number, International Mobile Equipment Identifier or any other identifier unique to that handset;
(2) Affix to each handset a label that is designed to withstand the length of service expected for a nonservice initialized phone, and which notifies the user that the handset can only be used to dial 9-1-1, that the 9-1-1 operator will not be able to call the user back, and that the user should convey the exact location of the emergency as soon as possible; and
(3) Institute a public education program to provide the users of such handsets with information regarding the limitations of 9-1-1-only handsets.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 38.52.561. WSR 04-01-066, ยง 118-67-130, filed 12/12/03, effective 1/12/04.]
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