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Local improvement districtsSafeguarding open canals or ditchesAssessments and benefits.

Whenever a local improvement district is established within an irrigation district for the safeguarding of the public from the dangers of open canals or ditches the rate of assessment per square foot in the local district may be determined by any of the methods provided for assessment of similar improvements in cities or towns in chapter 35.44 RCW, and the lands specially benefited by such improvements shall be the same as provided in chapter 35.43 RCW for similar improvements in cities or towns.
[ 1959 c 75 § 10. Formerly RCW 87.36.130.]


Safeguarding open canals or ditches: RCW 35.43.040, 35.43.045, 35.44.045, 36.88.015, 36.88.350, 36.88.380 through 36.88.400, and 87.03.480.
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