Chapter 87.03 RCW



87.03.001Actions subject to review by boundary review boardExceptions.
87.03.005District proposedPowers, when organized.
87.03.010Certain purposes for which district may be formed.
87.03.013Development of hydroelectric generation capabilitiesLegislative finding, intentLimitation.
87.03.015Certain powers of district enumerated.
87.03.0155Contract and formation powers.
87.03.016District may provide street lightingLimitations.
87.03.017District may assist residential owners in financing for conservation of energyWhenPlanLimitations.
87.03.0175District assistance for conservation, improvement, preservation, and efficient use.
87.03.018Creation of legal authority to carry out powersMethodIndebtedness.
87.03.019Cooperative watershed management.
87.03.020Organization of districtPetitionBondNoticeHearingOrderNotice of election.
87.03.025State lands situated in or taken into districtProcedureAssessments, collection.
87.03.030Elections are governed by irrigation district laws.
87.03.031Absentee votingCertification of inconvenience.
87.03.032Absentee votingNotice of election, contentsBallot and form of certificate of qualifications to be furnished.
87.03.033Absentee votingRequirements for ballot to be countedStatement of qualificationsForm of ballot.
87.03.034Absentee votingHow incoming ballots are handledCanvassStatement of result of both regular and absentee ballots.
87.03.035Elections to form districtHow conducted.
87.03.040Elections to form districtCanvass of returnsOrder.
87.03.045Qualifications of voters and directorsDistricts of two hundred thousand acres.
87.03.051Qualifications of voters and directorsDistricts of less than two hundred thousand acres.
87.03.071Certain districtsIndividual ownershipsTwo votes.
87.03.075Ballots in all electionsDeclaration of candidacyPetition of nominationWhen election not required.
87.03.080DirectorsElectionTermsIncrease and decrease.
87.03.081DirectorsVacancies, how filled.
87.03.082DirectorsOaths of officeSecretary.
87.03.083DirectorsRecall and discharge.
87.03.085Post-organization district electionsElection boardsNotice.
87.03.090Post-organization district electionsElection officersVoting hours.
87.03.095Post-organization district electionsCounting votesRecord of ballots.
87.03.100Post-organization district electionsCertification of returnsPreservation for recount.
87.03.105Post-organization district electionsCanvass.
87.03.110Post-organization district electionsStatement of result of electionCertificate of election.
87.03.115Organization of boardMeetingsQuorumCertain powers and duties.
87.03.120System of drainage, sanitary sewers, or sewage disposal or treatment plantsQuestionNoticeMeetingResolution.
87.03.125System of drainage, sanitary sewers, or sewage disposal or treatment plantsPowers upon passage of resolution.
87.03.130District change of name.
87.03.135Sale or lease of district personal property.
87.03.136Sale or lease of district real property.
87.03.137Purchase or condemnation for developing hydroelectric generation capabilitiesLimitations.
87.03.138Civil immunity of directors, officers, employees, or agents for good faith performance of official duties.
87.03.139Lawful disposal of sewage and waste by othersImmunity.
87.03.140Board's powers and duties generallyCondemnation procedure.
87.03.145CondemnationFinding of benefits and damagesJudgmentCosts.
87.03.150CondemnationTitle acquired by district.
87.03.155ConveyancesActions by and against district.
87.03.158Officers, employees, agentsLegal representationCosts of defense.
87.03.160Group insurancePurchase.
87.03.162Liability insurance for officials and employees.
87.03.165Proposed worksSurveys, maps and plans to be prepared.
87.03.170Proposed worksCertification filed with director of ecology.
87.03.175Proposed worksDirector's findings to district board.
87.03.180Proposed worksSubstance of director's findings.
87.03.185Proposed worksReclamation Service may make findings.
87.03.190Proposed worksPlan of developmentSpecial election.
87.03.195Proposed worksCertain irrigation districts excepted.
87.03.200BondsElection forForm and contentsExchangeCancellationSale and issueReissueElection concerning contract with United StatesPenalty.
87.03.205Sections exclusive of other bonding methodsValidation.
87.03.210Sale or pledge of bonds.
87.03.215Payment of bonds and interest, other indebtednessLien, enforcement ofScope of section.
87.03.235Rights of federal agencies as to certain district bonds.
87.03.240Assessments, how and when madeAssessment roll.
87.03.245Deputy secretaries for assessment.
87.03.250Assessment roll to be filedNotice of equalization.
87.03.255Equalization of assessments.
87.03.260Levies, amountSpecial fundsFailure to make levy, procedure.
87.03.265Lien of assessment.
87.03.270Assessments, when delinquentAssessment book, purposeStatement of assessments dueCollectionAdditional fee for delinquency.
87.03.271Lien for delinquent assessment to include costs and interest.
87.03.272Secretary may act as collection agent of nondelinquent assessmentsOfficial bondCollection procedureDelinquency list.
87.03.275Medium of payment of assessments.
87.03.277Payment by credit cards, charge cards, and other electronic communication.
87.03.280Cancellation of assessments due United StatesProcedure.
87.03.285Segregation of assessmentAuthorization.
87.03.290Segregation of assessmentHearing.
87.03.295Segregation of assessmentNotice of hearing.
87.03.300Segregation of assessmentOrder.
87.03.305Segregation of assessmentAmendment of rollEffect.
87.03.420Evidence of assessment, what is.
87.03.430BondsInterest payments.
87.03.435Construction workNoticeBidsContractsBonds.
87.03.436Small works roster.
87.03.437Competitive bidsUse of purchase contract process in RCW 39.04.190.
87.03.438"County treasurer," "treasurer of the county," defined.
87.03.440TreasurerCounty treasurer as ex officio district treasurerDesignated district treasurerDuties and powersBondClaimsPreliminary notice requirements when claim for crop damage.
87.03.441Temporary funds.
87.03.442Bonds of secretary and depositaries.
87.03.443Upgrading and improvement fund authorizedDepositsUse of funds.
87.03.445Acquisition, construction, and operating fundsTolls and assessments, alternative methods ofLiens, foreclosure ofDelinquencies by tenants.
87.03.450Income from sale of electricity.
87.03.455District's right to cross other property.
87.03.460Compensation and expenses of directors, officers, employees.
87.03.470Special assessmentsElectionNotes.
87.03.475Power as to incurring indebtedness.
87.03.480Local improvement districtsPetition.
87.03.485Local improvement districtsNoticeHearingInitiation by board, procedure.
87.03.486Local improvement districtsNotice to contain statement that assessments may vary from estimates.
87.03.487Local improvement districtsSanitary sewer or potable water facilitiesNotice to certain property owners.
87.03.490Local improvement districtsAdoption of planBonds, form and contentsNew lands may be included.
87.03.492Local improvement districtsBonds, valid claimGeneral indebtedness.
87.03.495Local improvement districtsCosts of the improvementAssessmentsDisposal of bonds.
87.03.500Local improvement districtsPayment of bonds.
87.03.505Local improvement districtsL.I.D. unable to pay costsSurveyReassessments.
87.03.510Local improvement districtsIrrigation district L.I.D. guarantee fund.
87.03.515Local improvement districtsRefunding bonds.
87.03.520Local improvement districtsContracts with state or United States for local improvement work.
87.03.522Irrigation district authorized to finance local improvements with general district funds.
87.03.525Local improvement districtsProvisions applicable to districts formerly organized.
87.03.526Local improvement districtsSafeguarding open canals or ditchesAssessments and benefits.
87.03.527Local improvement districtsAlternative methods of formation.
87.03.530Consolidation of irrigation districtsAuthorizationMerger of smaller irrigation districts.
87.03.535Consolidation of irrigation districtsProceedings for consolidationElections.
87.03.540Consolidation of irrigation districtsDirectorsDisposition of affairs of included districts.
87.03.545Consolidation of irrigation districtsObligations of included districts unaffected.
87.03.550Consolidation of irrigation districtsProperty vested in new districtCredit.
87.03.551Consolidation of irrigation districtsProcedures supplemental to boundary change provisions.
87.03.553Consolidated local improvement districts for bond issuance.
87.03.555Change of boundaries authorizedEffect.
87.03.560Adding lands to districtPetition, contentsAcknowledgment.
87.03.565Adding lands to districtNoticeContentsService.
87.03.570Adding lands to districtHearingAssent.
87.03.575Adding lands to districtPayment for benefits received required.
87.03.580Adding lands to districtOrder.
87.03.585Adding lands to districtResolution.
87.03.590Adding lands to districtElectionNoticeHow conducted.
87.03.595Adding lands to districtOrder changing boundariesRecord.
87.03.600Adding lands to districtChange of boundaries recordedEffect.
87.03.605Adding lands to districtPetition to be recordedAdmissible as evidence.
87.03.610Adding lands to districtGuardian, administrator or executor may act.
87.03.615Adding lands to districts of two hundred thousand acresPetition.
87.03.620Adding lands to districts of two hundred thousand acresTime and place of hearingNotice.
87.03.625Adding lands to districts of two hundred thousand acresContents of notice.
87.03.630Adding lands to districts of two hundred thousand acresHearingOrder including lands.
87.03.635Adding lands to districts of two hundred thousand acresDenial of petition.
87.03.640Adding lands to districts of two hundred thousand acresOrder filedEffect.
87.03.645Exclusion of lands from districtEffect.
87.03.650Exclusion of lands from districtPetition to exclude landsContents.
87.03.655Exclusion of lands from districtNoticeContentsService.
87.03.660Exclusion of lands from districtHearingAssent.
87.03.665Exclusion of lands from districtOrder denying or granting petition.
87.03.670Exclusion of lands from districtAssent of bondholders.
87.03.675Exclusion of lands from districtOrder for electionNoticeConduct of election.
87.03.680Exclusion of lands from districtProcedure following electionOrder of exclusion.
87.03.685Exclusion of lands from districtOrders to be recordedEffect.
87.03.690Exclusion of lands from districtGuardian, executor or administrator may sign and acknowledge.
87.03.695Exclusion of lands from districtRefundsCancellation of assessments.
87.03.700Connecting system to lower drainage districtProcedure.
87.03.705Connecting system to lower drainage districtNegative finding by jury or court.
87.03.710Connecting system to lower drainage districtAffirmative finding by jury or courtAssessments.
87.03.715Connecting system to lower drainage districtIncreased maintenance costs.
87.03.720Merger of district with drainage, joint drainage, consolidated drainage improvement, or water-sewer districtPower to assent.
87.03.725Merger of district with drainage, joint drainage, consolidated drainage improvement, or water-sewer districtNoticeContentsPublicationShow cause against merger.
87.03.730Merger of district with drainage, joint drainage, or consolidated drainage improvement districtHearingFailure to show cause deemed assent.
87.03.735Merger of district with drainage, joint drainage, or consolidated drainage improvement districtAssent, refusal to assentEffect of show cause against merger.
87.03.740Merger of district with drainage, joint drainage, or consolidated drainage improvement districtElection.
87.03.745Merger of district with drainage, joint drainage, or consolidated drainage improvement districtOrder of assent or refusalFiling.
87.03.750Exclusion of nonirrigable land when state holds all outstanding bondsResolution.
87.03.755Exclusion of nonirrigable land when state holds all outstanding bondsNotice of hearingContents.
87.03.760Exclusion of nonirrigable land when state holds all outstanding bondsAdoption of resolutionAppellate review.
87.03.765Exclusion of nonirrigable land when state holds all outstanding bondsIndebtedness may be reduced.
87.03.770Exclusion of nonirrigable land when state holds all outstanding bondsReconveyance of excluded land formerly foreclosed to district.
87.03.775Map of district.
87.03.780Proceedings for judicial confirmationAuthorization.
87.03.785Proceedings for judicial confirmationPetitionContents.
87.03.790Proceedings for judicial confirmationNotice of hearing.
87.03.795Proceedings for judicial confirmationDemurrer or answerProcedure.
87.03.800Proceedings for judicial confirmationJurisdiction of courtOrderCosts.
87.03.805Proceedings for judicial confirmationAppeal.
87.03.810Lump sum payment to district for irrigable lands acquired for highway purposes.
87.03.815Lump sum payment to district for irrigable lands acquired for highway purposesOrder relieving further district assessments.
87.03.820Disposal of real propertyRight of adjacent owners.
87.03.825Hydroelectric resourcesDevelopmentLegislative findings.
87.03.828Hydroelectric resourcesSeparate legal authorityCreation by irrigation districts and cities, towns, or public utility districtsPowers.
87.03.831Hydroelectric resourcesSeparate legal authorityProcedures for membership and for construction and acquisition of facilities.
87.03.834Hydroelectric resourcesSeparate legal authorityVoter ratification of actions.
87.03.837Hydroelectric resourcesSeparate legal authorityRepayment of indebtednessPowers.
87.03.840Chapter supplementaryWhen.
87.03.845Merger of minor irrigation district into major irrigation districtProceedings to initiateNoticeHearing.
87.03.847Merger of minor irrigation district into major irrigation districtDenial or adoption of request for mergerNoticeElectionsNotification of merger.
87.03.849Merger of minor irrigation district into major irrigation districtBoard of directorsTransfer of property and assets.
87.03.851Merger of minor irrigation district into major irrigation districtBonds or obligations not impairedEnforcement of assessments and obligationsEstablishment of local improvement district to carry out obligations.
87.03.853Merger of minor irrigation district into major irrigation districtStatement of property and assets of minor district.
87.03.855Merger of minor irrigation district into major irrigation districtMerger of more than two districts.
87.03.857Merger of minor irrigation district into major irrigation districtExisting water rights not impaired.
87.03.860Assumption of substandard water systemLimited immunity from liability.
87.03.870Mutual aid agreements for emergency interdistrict assistanceAuthorityLiability.
87.03.880Tariff for irrigation pumping serviceAuthority to buy back electricity.
87.03.900Construction1913 c 165.
87.03.920ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Reviser's note: The language "this act," "this chapter," and words of similar import appear throughout chapter 87.03 RCW. This chapter is almost entirely comprised of the basic irrigation act of 1889-90 p 671 et seq. as amended and as expressly added thereto by subsequent enactments. The chapter is codified in the session law order of the basic act with a few independent sections which are in pari materia being also codified herein. Many sections were added to the basic law by being expressly added to the chapter of the code or compilation in which the basic act was currently published at the time of the particular enactment. Similarly many sections have been amended by reference to the compilation number only. Some of these sections contain legislative language "this act," "this chapter," or both, which appear in the session law either as original legislative language or reenactments by the legislature of a compiler's translation. Therefore, throughout chapter 87.03 RCW such language is retained wherever it appears in the most recent session law enactment. Situations concerning effective dates of particular acts or having express restrictive application are otherwise specially noted.
Deferral of special assessments: Chapter 84.38 RCW.
Disposal of real property on abandonment of irrigation district right-of-wayRight of adjacent owners: RCW 57.90.100.
Local governmental organizations, actions affecting boundaries, etc., review by boundary review board: Chapter 36.93 RCW.
Plats, approval of plat within irrigation districts prohibited without provision for irrigation water: RCW 58.17.310.
Special purpose districts, expenditures to recruit job candidates: RCW 42.24.170.