Chapter 35.44 RCW


Assessment districtAll property to be assessedBasis.
Special benefit assessments for farm and agricultural landExemption from assessments, etc.
Assessment districtCost items to be included.
Assessment districtZones.
Assessment rate per square foot.
Open canals or ditchesSafeguardsAscertaining assessments.
Other methods of computing assessments may be used.
Assessment rollEntry of assessments against property.
Assessment rollDiagram on preliminary survey not conclusive.
Assessment rollFilingHearing, date, by whom held.
Assessment rollNotice of hearing.
Assessment rollNoticeMailingPublication.
Assessment rollHearingObjectionsAuthority of council.
Assessment rollObjectionsTimeliness.
Assessment rollAmendmentProcedure.
City propertyAssessment.
County property assessment.
Harbor area leaseholdsAssessment.
Leases on tidelandsAssessment.
Metropolitan park district propertyAssessment.
Proceedings conclusiveExceptionsAdjustments to assessments if other funds become available.
Procedure on appealPerfecting appeal.
Procedure on appealNotice of appeal.
Procedure on appealBond.
Procedure on appealTranscript.
Procedure on appealNotice of hearing.
Procedure on appealHearing by superior court.
Procedure on appealAppellate review.
Procedure on appealCertified copy of decision or order.
ReassessmentsWhen authorized.
ReassessmentsBasisProperty included.
ReassessmentsIrregularities not fatal.
ReassessmentsAmount thereof.
ReassessmentsCredit for prior payments.
ReassessmentsLimitation of time for.
Reassessments, assessments on omitted property, supplemental assessmentsProvisions governing.
Assessments on omitted propertyAuthority.
Assessments on omitted propertyResolutionNotice.
Assessments on omitted propertyConfirmation ordinanceCollection.
Supplemental assessmentsWhen authorized.
Supplemental assessmentsLimitation of time for.
Segregation of assessments.
Property donationsCredit against assessments.
Alternative method of assessmentClassification of property: RCW 35.51.030.
Assessments and charges against state lands: Chapter 79.44 RCW.
Deferral of special assessments: Chapter 84.38 RCW.
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