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Discharges recorded without chargeExemption from public disclosureFee.

Each county auditor of the several counties of the state of Washington shall record upon presentation without expense, in a suitable permanent record the discharge of any veteran of the armed forces of the United States who is residing in the state of Washington.
The department of veterans affairs, in consultation with the association of county auditors, shall develop and distribute to county auditors the form referred to in RCW 42.56.440 entitled "request for exemption from public disclosure of discharge papers."
The county auditor may charge a basic recording fee and preservation fee that together shall not exceed a total of seven dollars for the recording of the "request for exemption from public disclosure of discharge papers."
County auditors shall develop a form for requestors of military discharge papers (form DD214) to verify that the requestor is authorized to receive or view the military discharge paper.
[ 2005 c 274 § 349; 2002 c 224 § 3; 1989 c 50 § 1; 1943 c 38 § 1; Rem. Supp. 1943 § 10758-10. FORMER PART OF SECTION: 1923 c 17 § 1 now codified as RCW 73.04.042.]


Working group on veterans' records: See note following RCW 42.56.210.
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