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Resident councilGenerallyRules.

The department of veterans affairs shall provide by rule for the annual election of a resident council for each state veterans' home. The council shall annually elect a chair from among its members, who shall call and preside at council meetings. The resident council shall serve in an advisory capacity to the director of the department of veterans affairs and to the administrator in all matters related to policy and operational decisions affecting resident care and life in the home.
By October 31, 1993, the department shall adopt rules that provide for specific duties and procedures of the resident council which create an appropriate and effective relationship between residents and the administration. These rules shall be adopted after consultation with the resident councils and the state long-term care ombuds, and shall include, but not be limited to the following:
(1) Provision of staff technical assistance to the councils;
(2) Provision of an active role for residents in developing choices regarding activities, foods, living arrangements, personal care, and other aspects of resident life;
(3) A procedure for resolving resident grievances; and
(4) The role of the councils in assuring that resident rights are observed.
The development of these rules should include consultation with all residents through the use of both questionnaires and group discussions.
The resident council for each state veterans' home shall annually review the proposed expenditures from the benefit fund that shall contain all private donations to the home, all bequeaths, and gifts. Disbursements from each benefit fund shall be for the benefit and welfare of the residents of the state veterans' homes. Disbursements from the benefits funds shall be on the authorization of the administrator or the administrator's authorized representative after approval has been received from the home's resident council.
The administrator or the administrator's designated representative shall meet with the resident council at least monthly. The director of the department of veterans affairs shall meet with each resident council at least three times each year.


Effective date1993 sp.s. c 3: See note following RCW 72.36.140.
Findings1993 sp.s. c 3: See RCW 72.36.1601.
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