Chapter 70A.388 RCW



HTMLPDF 70A.388.010Declaration of policy.
HTMLPDF 70A.388.020Purpose.
HTMLPDF 70A.388.030Definitions.
HTMLPDF 70A.388.040State radiation control agency.
HTMLPDF 70A.388.050Rules and regulationsLicensing requirements and procedureNotice of license applicationObjectionsNotice upon granting of licenseRegistration of sources of ionizing radiationExemptions from registration or licensing.
HTMLPDF 70A.388.060User permit systemFeesIndemnify and hold state harmlessAdoption of rules.
HTMLPDF 70A.388.070Inspection.
HTMLPDF 70A.388.080Financial assuranceNoncompliance.
HTMLPDF 70A.388.090Financial assuranceGenerally.
HTMLPDF 70A.388.100Records.
HTMLPDF 70A.388.110Federal-state agreementsAuthorizedEffect as to federal licenses.
HTMLPDF 70A.388.120Inspection agreements and training programs.
HTMLPDF 70A.388.130Department of ecology to seek federal funding for environmental radiation monitoring.
HTMLPDF 70A.388.140Federal assistance to be sought for high-level radioactive waste program.
HTMLPDF 70A.388.150Administrative procedure.
HTMLPDF 70A.388.160Injunction proceedings.
HTMLPDF 70A.388.170Prohibited uses.
HTMLPDF 70A.388.180Impounding of materials.
HTMLPDF 70A.388.190ProhibitionFluoroscopic X-ray shoefitting devices.
HTMLPDF 70A.388.200Exemptions.
HTMLPDF 70A.388.210Professional uses.
HTMLPDF 70A.388.220Penalties.
HTMLPDF 70A.388.230Adoption of rules for administering site use permit program.
HTMLPDF 70A.388.901Effective date1961 c 207.
HTMLPDF 70A.388.902Section headings not part of law.


Reviser's note: Powers and duties of the department of social and health services and the secretary of social and health services transferred to the department of health and the secretary of health. See RCW 43.70.060.
Nuclear, thermal power facilities, joint city, public utility district, electrical companies development: Chapter 54.44 RCW.
Radioactive and hazardous waste emergency response programs, state coordinator: RCW 38.52.030.
Radioactive waste act: Chapter 70A.384 RCW.