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Advisory committee on policies and programs for children and families with incarcerated parentsFunding for programs and services.

(1)(a) The department of commerce shall establish an advisory committee to monitor, guide, and report on recommendations relating to policies and programs for children and families with incarcerated parents.
(b) The advisory committee shall include representatives of the department of corrections, the department of social and health services, the department of children, youth, and families, the office of the superintendent of public instruction, representatives of the private nonprofit and business sectors, child advocates, representatives of Washington state Indian tribes as defined under the federal Indian welfare act (25 U.S.C. Sec. 1901 et seq.), court administrators, the administrative office of the courts, the Washington association of sheriffs and police chiefs, jail administrators, the office of the governor, and others who have an interest in these issues.
(c) The advisory committee shall:
(i) Gather the data collected by the departments as required in RCW 72.09.495, 74.04.800, 43.216.060, and 28A.300.520;
(ii) Monitor and provide consultation on the implementation of recommendations contained in the 2006 children of incarcerated parents report;
(iii) Identify areas of need and develop recommendations for the legislature, the department of social and health services, the department of corrections, the department of children, youth, and families, and the office of the superintendent of public instruction to better meet the needs of children and families of persons incarcerated in department of corrections facilities; and
(iv) Advise the department of commerce regarding community programs the department should fund with moneys appropriated for this purpose in the operating budget. The advisory committee shall provide recommendations to the department regarding the following:
(A) The goals for geographic distribution of programs and funding;
(B) The scope and purpose of eligible services and the priority of such services;
(C) Grant award funding limits;
(D) Entities eligible to apply for the funding;
(E) Whether the funding should be directed towards starting or supporting new programs, expanding existing programs, or whether the funding should be open to all eligible services and providers; and
(F) Other areas the advisory committee determines appropriate.
(d) The children of incarcerated parents advisory committee shall update the legislature and governor biennially on committee activities, with the first update due by January 1, 2010.
(2) The department of commerce shall select community programs or services to receive funding that focus on children and families of inmates incarcerated in a department of corrections facility and sustaining the family during the period of the inmate's incarceration.
(a) Programs or services which meet the needs of the children of incarcerated parents should be the greatest consideration in the programs that are identified by the department.
(b) The department shall consider the recommendations of the advisory committee regarding which services or programs the department should fund.
(c) The programs selected shall collaborate with an agency, or agencies, experienced in providing services to aid families and victims of sexual assault and domestic violence to ensure that the programs identify families who have a history of sexual assault or domestic violence and ensure the services provided are appropriate for the children and families.


Effective date2018 c 58: See note following RCW 28A.655.080.
IntentFinding2007 c 384: See note following RCW 72.09.495.
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