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Youth servicesDuty to inform parentsTransportation to child's home or out-of-home placementNotice to department of social and health services.

(1) The administrator of a designated crisis residential center shall perform the duties under subsection (3) of this section:
(a) Upon admitting a child who has been brought to the center by a law enforcement officer under RCW 43.185C.265;
(b) Upon admitting a child who has run away from home or has requested admittance to the center;
(c) Upon learning from a person under RCW 13.32A.082 that the person is providing shelter to a child absent from home; or
(d) Upon learning that a child has been placed with a responsible adult pursuant to RCW 43.185C.265.
(2) Transportation expenses of the child shall be at the parent's expense to the extent of his or her ability to pay, with any unmet transportation expenses assumed by the crisis residential center.
(3) When any of the circumstances under subsection (1) of this section are present, the administrator of a center shall perform the following duties:
(a) Immediately notify the child's parent of the child's whereabouts, physical and emotional condition, and the circumstances surrounding his or her placement;
(b) Initially notify the parent that it is the paramount concern of the family reconciliation service personnel to achieve a reconciliation between the parent and child to reunify the family and inform the parent as to the procedures to be followed under this chapter;
(c) Inform the parent whether a referral to children's protective services has been made and, if so, inform the parent of the standard pursuant to RCW 26.44.020(1) governing child abuse and neglect in this state; and either
(d)(i) Arrange transportation for the child to the residence of the parent, as soon as practicable, when the child and his or her parent agrees to the child's return home or when the parent produces a copy of a court order entered under this chapter requiring the child to reside in the parent's home; or
(ii) Arrange transportation for the child to: (A) An out-of-home placement which may include a licensed group care facility or foster family when agreed to by the child and parent; or (B) a certified or licensed mental health or chemical dependency program of the parent's choice.
(4) If the administrator of the crisis residential center performs the duties listed in subsection (3) of this section, he or she shall also notify the department of social and health services that a child has been admitted to the crisis residential center.


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