Chapter 41.50 RCW



HTMLPDF 41.50.005Policy and intent.
HTMLPDF 41.50.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 41.50.020Department of retirement systemsCreatedDirector.
HTMLPDF 41.50.030Transfer of powers, duties, and functions of certain systems, administrators, and committees to department of retirement systems.
HTMLPDF 41.50.033Crediting interest to retirement system accounts.
HTMLPDF 41.50.040Manner of selection and terms of transferred board members not affected.
HTMLPDF 41.50.050Powers, duties, and functions of director.
HTMLPDF 41.50.055Director of retirement systems to administer Washington law enforcement officers' and firefighters' retirement systemDuties.
HTMLPDF 41.50.060Delegation of powers, duties, and functionsDirector's responsibilities.
HTMLPDF 41.50.065Accumulated service creditAnnual notification to members.
HTMLPDF 41.50.070Personnel.
HTMLPDF 41.50.075Funds established.
HTMLPDF 41.50.077State treasurer is custodian of funds.
HTMLPDF 41.50.080Investment of funds of various systems.
HTMLPDF 41.50.085Investments in accordance with established standards.
HTMLPDF 41.50.088Duties of directorRetirement investments.
HTMLPDF 41.50.090Department succeeds to and vested with transferred powers, duties, and functionsBoards to be kept informedApproval of rulesDisability benefit applications.
HTMLPDF 41.50.110Expenses of administration paid from department of retirement systems expense fundAdministrative expense fee.
HTMLPDF 41.50.112Report of member dataDepartment-designed format.
HTMLPDF 41.50.120Payment of moneys due department by employersInterest.
HTMLPDF 41.50.125Interest on contributionsDepartment may charge.
HTMLPDF 41.50.130Correction of retirement systems' recordsAdjustment in payment of benefitsLimitations.
HTMLPDF 41.50.131Correction of errors in reporting compensation earnable.
HTMLPDF 41.50.132Correction of erroneous deduction or pickup of contributions.
HTMLPDF 41.50.133Recovery of certain overpayments to surviving beneficiaries under the teachers' retirement system.
HTMLPDF 41.50.135Collection of overpaymentsDetermination of liabilityAdministrative process created.
HTMLPDF 41.50.136Collection of overpaymentsIssuance of warrantLien.
HTMLPDF 41.50.137Collection of overpaymentsDepartment may issue subpoenas.
HTMLPDF 41.50.138Collection of overpaymentsWaiver of overpayment.
HTMLPDF 41.50.139Retirement status reportsOverpaymentsEmployer obligations.
HTMLPDF 41.50.140Cooperation of employers in administration of systemsEmployer contributions for retroactive service creditEmployee contributions paid by employer.
HTMLPDF 41.50.145Plan 3Loss of investment return due to errorLiability.
HTMLPDF 41.50.150Retirement benefits based on excess compensationEmployer liable for extra retirement costs.
HTMLPDF 41.50.152Payment of excess compensationPublic notice requirements.
HTMLPDF 41.50.155Erroneous withdrawals of contributionsRestoration.
HTMLPDF 41.50.160Restoration of withdrawn contributions.
HTMLPDF 41.50.165Establishing, restoring service creditConditions.
HTMLPDF 41.50.170Notification of restoration rights.
HTMLPDF 41.50.175Adoption of rules.
HTMLPDF 41.50.180Inactive accountsIdentification, closing, and refund.
HTMLPDF 41.50.200Subdivision of retirement system funds.
HTMLPDF 41.50.205RecordsTeachers' retirement system annual report.
HTMLPDF 41.50.210Medical director.
HTMLPDF 41.50.215Teachers' retirement system fundsAnnual interest to be credited.
HTMLPDF 41.50.220Trustees, employees not to guarantee loans.
HTMLPDF 41.50.230Employer reports to department.
HTMLPDF 41.50.235Teachers' retirement system salary deductions.
HTMLPDF 41.50.240Duties of payroll officer.
HTMLPDF 41.50.255Payment of legal and medical expenses of retirement systems.
HTMLPDF 41.50.260Public employees' retirement system funds created.
HTMLPDF 41.50.265Public employees' retirement system fundsReport of the state treasurerMembers may receive reports and statements.
HTMLPDF 41.50.270Transmittal of total of public employees' retirement system members' deductions.
HTMLPDF 41.50.280Higher education retirement plan supplemental beneficiariesDepartment assumption of responsibility for making benefit payments.
HTMLPDF 41.50.290Shared work programsEffect of employer's participation.
HTMLPDF 41.50.500Mandatory assignment of retirement benefitsDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 41.50.510Mandatory assignment of retirement benefitsRemediesApplicability.
HTMLPDF 41.50.520Mandatory assignment of retirement benefitsOther remedies not limited.
HTMLPDF 41.50.530Mandatory assignment of retirement benefitsProceeding to enforce spousal maintenanceVenueJurisdiction.
HTMLPDF 41.50.540Mandatory assignment of retirement benefitsNotice to obligor.
HTMLPDF 41.50.550Mandatory assignment of retirement benefitsWithdrawal of accumulated contributionsNotice to obligeePayment to obligee.
HTMLPDF 41.50.560Mandatory assignment of retirement benefitsPetition for order.
HTMLPDF 41.50.570Mandatory assignment of retirement benefitsIssuance of order.
HTMLPDF 41.50.580Mandatory assignment of retirement benefitsOrderContents.
HTMLPDF 41.50.590Mandatory assignment of retirement benefitsOrderForm.
HTMLPDF 41.50.600Mandatory assignment of retirement benefitsDuties of department.
HTMLPDF 41.50.610Mandatory assignment of retirement benefitsOrderAnswerForm.
HTMLPDF 41.50.620Mandatory assignment of retirement benefitsOrderService.
HTMLPDF 41.50.630Mandatory assignment of retirement benefitsHearing to quash, modify, or terminate order.
HTMLPDF 41.50.640Mandatory assignment of retirement benefitsAward of costs to prevailing party.
HTMLPDF 41.50.650Payments pursuant to court orders entered under prior law.
HTMLPDF 41.50.660Mandatory assignment of retirement benefitsRules.
HTMLPDF 41.50.670Property division obligationsDirect payments pursuant to court order.
HTMLPDF 41.50.680Property division obligationsProcessing fee.
HTMLPDF 41.50.690Property division obligationsObligee entitled to statement of obligor's retirement benefitsWhen.
HTMLPDF 41.50.700Property division obligationsCessation upon death of obligee or obligorPayment treated as deduction from member's periodic retirement payment.
HTMLPDF 41.50.710Property division obligationsRemedies exclusivePayment pursuant to court order defense against claims.
HTMLPDF 41.50.720Payment of benefitsRestraining orders.
HTMLPDF 41.50.730Retirement or termination agreement paymentsEffect on pension benefits calculation.
HTMLPDF 41.50.740Retirement or termination agreement paymentsOpportunity to change payment options.
HTMLPDF 41.50.750Retirement or termination agreement paymentsOverpayments not required to be repaid.
HTMLPDF 41.50.760Cost-of-living adjustmentsAlternative calculationElection.
HTMLPDF 41.50.770Deferred compensation plans.
HTMLPDF 41.50.780Deferred compensation principal and administrative accounts createdParticipation in deferred compensation plansDepartment's duties.
HTMLPDF 41.50.785Money-purchase retirement savings principal and administrative accounts createdParticipation in money-purchase retirement savings plansDepartment's duties.
HTMLPDF 41.50.790Survivor benefitsDissolution orders.
HTMLPDF 41.50.800Apportionment of budgeted funds of affected agencies.
HTMLPDF 41.50.801Continuation of rules, pending business, contracts, investments, etc.
HTMLPDF 41.50.802Transfer of reports, documents, etc., property, funds, assets, appropriations, etc.
HTMLPDF 41.50.803Savings.
HTMLPDF 41.50.810Blind mailings to retireesRestrictions.
HTMLPDF 41.50.901Effective date1987 c 326.
HTMLPDF 41.50.902ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Director of retirement systems may obtain physician's certificate relating to the ability of an individual with a disability to drive a motor vehicle: RCW 46.20.041.
Investment activities of state investment board, reports sent to: RCW 43.33A.150.
Investment board, director of retirement systems member of: RCW 43.33A.020.
Judicial retirementInvestment for supplemental retirement: RCW 2.14.080.
Judicial retirement board, director of retirement systems to exercise powers, duties, and functions of: RCW 2.10.052.
Office of state actuary: Chapter 44.44 RCW.
State patrol retirement board, director of retirement systems to exercise powers, duties, and functions of: RCW 43.43.142.