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Filling of vacanciesProbationary period.

Whenever a position in the classified service becomes vacant, the appointing power, if it desires to fill the vacancy, shall make requisition upon the commission for the name and address of a person eligible for appointment thereto. The commission shall certify the name of the person highest on the eligible list for the class to which the vacant position has been allocated, who is willing to accept employment. If there is no appropriate eligible list for the class, the commission shall certify the name of the person standing highest on said list held appropriate for such class. If more than one vacancy is to be filled an additional name shall be certified for each additional vacancy. The appointing power shall forthwith appoint such person to such vacant position.
Whenever requisition is to be made, or whenever a position is held by a temporary appointee and an eligible list for the class of such position exists, the commission shall forthwith certify the name of the person eligible for appointment to the appointing power, and said appointing power shall forthwith appoint the person so certified to said position. No person so certified shall be laid off, suspended, or given leave of absence from duty, transferred or reduced in pay or grade, except for reasons which will promote the good of the service, specified in writing, and after an opportunity to be heard by the commission and then only with its consent and approval.
To enable the appointing power to exercise a choice in the filling of positions, no appointment, employment or promotion in any position in the classified service shall be deemed complete until after the expiration of a period of three to six months' probationary service, as may be provided in the rules of the civil service commission during which the appointing power may terminate the employment of the person certified to him or her, or it, if during the performance test thus afforded, upon observation or consideration of the performance of duty, the appointing power deems him or her unfit or unsatisfactory for service in the department. Whereupon the appointing power shall designate the person certified as standing next highest on any such list and such person shall likewise enter upon said duties until some person is found who is deemed fit for appointment, employment or promotion for the probationary period provided therefor, whereupon the appointment, employment or promotion shall be deemed to be complete.
[ 2007 c 218 s 7; 1935 c 31 s 11; RRS s 9558-11.]


IntentFinding2007 c 218: See note following RCW 41.08.020.
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