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Solid waste disposal districtEstablishment, modification, or dissolutionHearingNotice.

A county legislative authority proposing to establish a solid waste disposal district or to modify or dissolve an existing solid waste disposal district shall conduct a hearing at the time and place specified in a notice published at least once not less than ten days prior to the hearing in a newspaper of general circulation within the proposed solid waste disposal district. This notice shall be in addition to any other notice required by law to be published. Additional notice of such hearing may be given by mail, posting within the proposed solid waste disposal district, or in any manner local authorities deem necessary to notify affected persons. All hearings shall be public and the county legislative authority shall hear objections from any person affected by the formation, modification, or dissolution of the solid waste disposal district and make such changes in the boundaries of the district or any other modifications that the county legislative authority deems necessary.


Severability1982 c 175: See note following RCW 36.58.100.
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