Chapter 35A.21 RCW



35A.21.010Validity of ordinances and resolutionsDeficiencies of form.
35A.21.020Conflict between charter and optional code.
35A.21.030Mandatory duties of code city officers.
35A.21.040Merit systems.
35A.21.050Pension and retirement systems.
35A.21.060Garbage ordinanceLienForeclosure.
35A.21.070Office hours prescribed by ordinance.
35A.21.080Computation of time.
35A.21.090Jurisdiction over adjacent watersControl of street over tidelands.
35A.21.100Lien for utility services.
35A.21.110WarrantsInterest ratePayment.
35A.21.120UtilitiesFacilities for generation of electricity.
35A.21.125Locally regulated utilitiesAttachments to poles.
35A.21.130Codification of ordinances.
35A.21.140Change of name.
35A.21.150Sewerage and refuse collection and disposal systems.
35A.21.152Solid waste collectionRate increase notice.
35A.21.153Solid waste collection curbside recyclingReduced rate.
35A.21.155Collection and transportation of recyclable materials by recycling companies or nonprofit entitiesReuse or reclamationApplication of chapter.
35A.21.160General application of laws to code cities.
35A.21.161Regulation of activities and enforcement of penal laws.
35A.21.162Nonpolluting power generation by individualExemption from regulationAuthorization to contract with utility.
35A.21.164Hydroelectric resourcesSeparate legal authorityCreation by irrigation districts and cities, towns, or public utility districts.
35A.21.170Fiscal year.
35A.21.180Flags to be displayed.
35A.21.190Daylight saving time.
35A.21.195Actions by and against code cities.
35A.21.200Limitation of actions.
35A.21.210Revision of corporate boundary within street, road, or highway right-of-way by substituting right-of-way lineNot subject to review.
35A.21.220Insurance and workers' compensation for offenders performing community restitution.
35A.21.230Designation of official newspaper.
35A.21.240Right-of-way donationsCredit against required improvements.
35A.21.245Facilities and rights-of-wayRequirements and restrictionsApplication to code cities.
35A.21.250Building construction projectsCode city prohibited from requiring state agencies or local governments to provide bond or other security as a condition for issuance of permit.
35A.21.260Amateur radio antennasLocal regulation to conform with federal law.
35A.21.270Assumption of substandard water systemLimited immunity from liability.
35A.21.275Regulation of automatic number or location identificationProhibited.
35A.21.280Statement of restrictions applicable to real property.
35A.21.290Fish enhancement projectCode city's liability.
35A.21.300Rail fixed guideway public transportation systemSafety program plan and security and emergency preparedness plan.
35A.21.305Permanent supportive housingCode city may not prohibit where multifamily housing is permitted.
35A.21.310Mobile home, manufactured home, or park model moving or installingCopies of permitsDefinitions.
35A.21.312Authority to regulate placement or use of homesRegulation of manufactured homesIssuance of permitsRestrictions on location of manufactured/mobile homes and entry or removal of recreational vehicles used as primary residences.
35A.21.314Code city may not limit number of unrelated persons occupying a household or dwelling unitExceptions.
35A.21.320Abandoned or derelict vessels.
35A.21.322Transfer of ownership of a code city-owned vesselReview of vessel's physical condition.
35A.21.324Transfer of ownership of a code city-owned vesselFurther requirements.
35A.21.330Regulation of financial transactionsLimitations.
35A.21.335Registration under or compliance with streamlined sales and use tax agreementProhibited requirement for businesses.
35A.21.340ContractorsAuthority of city to verify registration and report violations.
35A.21.350Community athletics programsSex discrimination prohibited.
35A.21.360Hosting the homeless by religious organizationsWhen authorizedRequirementsProhibitions on local actions.
35A.21.370State and federal background checks of license applicants and licensees of occupations under local licensing authority.
35A.21.380Warrant officersTraining requirementsAuthority.
35A.21.390Failing septic systemsConnection to public sewer systemsAppeals process.
35A.21.400Final determination on state highway project permits.
35A.21.405Nuisance abatementSpecial assessmentNotice requirements.
35A.21.410Removal of restrictive covenantsHearing, notice.
35A.21.415Voluntary change to electoral system.
35A.21.420Urban agriculture zone.
35A.21.425Community gardens.
35A.21.430Transitional housing, permanent supportive housing, indoor emergency housing, and indoor emergency shelters.


Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan Development ActAuthority of cities to contract with federal government: RCW 35.21.660.
Disturbances at state penal facilitiesLocal participation and reimbursement: Chapter 72.02 RCW.
Fire protection, ambulance or other emergency services provided by municipal corporation within countyFinancial and other assistance by county authorized: RCW 36.32.470.
Limitation on penalty for act constituting a crime under state law: RCW 35.21.163.
Local adopt-a-highway programs: RCW 47.40.105.
Transfer of real property or contract for use for park and recreational purposes: RCW 39.33.060.