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Pollution declared to be a nuisanceAbatement.

The establishment or maintenance of any slaughter pens, stock feeding yards, hogpens, or the deposit or maintenance of any uncleanly or unwholesome substance, or the conduct of any business or occupation, or the allowing of any condition upon or sufficiently near the (1) sources from which the supply of water for the inhabitants of any city or town is obtained, or (2) where its water is stored, or (3) the property or means through which the same may be conveyed or conducted so that such water would be polluted or the purity of such water or any part thereof destroyed or endangered, is prohibited and declared to be unlawful, and is declared to constitute a nuisance, and may be abated as other nuisances are abated.
[ 1965 c 7 § 35.88.030. Prior: 1899 c 70 § 2, part; RRS § 9474, part.]
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