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Assessment rollFilingHearing, date, by whom held.

The assessment roll for local improvements when prepared as provided by law shall be filed with the city or town clerk. The council or other legislative authority shall thereupon fix a date for a hearing thereon before such legislative authority or may direct that the hearing shall be held before a committee thereof or the legislative authority of any city or town may designate an officer to conduct such hearings. The committee or officer designated shall hold a hearing on the assessment roll and consider all objections filed following which the committee or officer shall make recommendations to such legislative authority which shall either adopt or reject the recommendations of the committee or officer. If a hearing is held before such a committee or officer it shall not be necessary to hold a hearing on the assessment roll before such legislative authority. A local ordinance shall provide for an appeal by any person protesting his or her assessment to the legislative authority of a decision made by such officer. The same procedure may if so directed by such legislative authority be followed with respect to any assessment upon the roll which is raised or changed to include omitted property. Such legislative authority shall direct the clerk to give notice of the hearing and of the time and place thereof.
[ 1994 c 71 § 1; 1979 ex.s. c 100 § 1; 1965 c 7 § 35.44.070. Prior: 1953 c 177 § 2; 1929 c 97 § 3, part; 1911 c 98 § 21, part; RRS § 9373, part.]
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