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Preliminary estimates and assessment roll.

Upon the filing of a petition or upon the adoption of a resolution, as the case may be, initiating a proceeding for the formation of a local improvement district or utility local improvement district, the proper board, officer, or authority designated by charter or ordinance to make the preliminary estimates and assessment roll shall cause an estimate to be made of the cost and expense of the proposed improvement and certify it to the legislative authority of the city or town together with all papers and information in its possession touching the proposed improvement, a description of the boundaries of the district, and a statement of what portion of the cost and expense of the improvement should be borne by the property within the proposed district.
If the proceedings were initiated by petition the designated board, officer or authority shall also determine the sufficiency of the petition and whether the facts set forth therein are true. If the petition is found to be sufficient and in all proceedings initiated by resolution of the legislative authority of the city or town, the estimates must be accompanied by a diagram showing thereon the lots, tracts, and parcels of land and other property which will be specially benefited by the proposed improvement and the estimated amount of the cost and expense thereof to be borne by each lot, tract, or parcel of land or other property: PROVIDED, That no such diagram shall be required where such estimates are on file in the office of the city engineer, or other designated city office, together with a detailed copy of the preliminary assessment roll and the plans and assessment maps of the proposed improvement.
For the purpose of estimating and levying local improvement assessments, the value of property of the United States, of the state, or of any county, city, town, school district, or other public corporation whose property is not assessed for general taxes shall be computed according to the standards afforded by similarly situated property which is assessed for general taxes.
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ConstructionSeverability1967 c 52: See notes following RCW 35.43.042.
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